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Welcome to SPIFF!

SPIFF (Society for the Preservation of Interesting FoxTrot Fanfics) is a group of comic fans dedicated to preserving good FoxTrot and Calvin and Hobbes fanfics. It's not a formal thing; basically, if you like reading or writing FoxTrot or C&H fanfics, then you're already in SPIFF! Absolutely nothing is required of you except an appreciation of good fanfics :)

The fanfics presented on this site are copies of stories posted in the discussion areas of the web sites of two great comic strips, FoxTrot and Calvin and Hobbes. They are really good stories that deserve more than just lying around in the discussion areas, eventually to be deleted by sysop. They are preserved here so that people will still be able to read them, long after the original postings disappear. Enjoy them!

ATTENTION: Are you a FoxTrot fan? Would you like to discuss the comic strip or write a fanfic? Well, we invite you to do so in the new FoxTrot Talk forum in the FTDA. You will, however, need to register to be able to post.

Got questions? Comments?

If you have any questions or comments regarding SPIFF, or FoxTrot or C&H fanfics, you can e-mail me at:  spaceman(insert)(domain)(here)

Please note that the e-mail address is in graphical format and is not clickable. This is to prevent the evil, evil spambots from grabbing my e-mail address and using it for unspeakable purposes. Yes, that means you'll have to type in the address yourself, but how hard is that, really?

This is the third incarnation of SPIFF. The original, the SPIFF discussion in the old FTDA, and the second, the old SPIFF site, have now both passed away.

SPIFF has existed since:   April 2, 1999

This site was last updated:   November 19, 2014