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November 19, 2014
Wow, it's been some time. Py the Great has finally finished "The Watauokubimach", a very funny FoxTrot parody. I've now added it to SPIFF, and with that I officially retire from the whole fan fiction deal. Don't worry though, the stories will still remain here for you to read.

November 18, 2008
Happy Calvin and Hobbes Day! At long last, another update to SPIFF. This time we have a new FoxTrot fanfic, "House Wars", by Blacktamuanda33. Go check it out!

December 23, 2006
This update features a poem-fic, "Snow Fox" by Bryan. Check it out in the FoxTrot Fanfics section! Also the Jinx Notation page is once more updated. Now for the important news: after 18 years, Bill Amend has decided to reduce his workload and turn FoxTrot into a Sunday-only strip. We wish him luck in whatever new projects he embarks upon in the near future.

August 21, 2006
The newest addition to SPIFF is a totally spiffy animated movie based on chapter 1 of Death Fox! You can find it in the FoxTrot Fanfics section. Thanks to SnowWolf for all the hard work he put into creating the movie!

June 12, 2006
The FoxTrot Jumpstation is updated again, with another site added. I have also made some very minor changes around SPIFF. Thank goodness for modern standards-compliant browsers - it sure simplifies coding.

April 10, 2006
Wow, this site has been untouched for a while. As per someone's request, I updated the Jumpstation and added a new site. It's good to know there are still FoxTrot fans out there. As well, I updated the Jinx Notation page. Happy FoxTrot Day to one and all!

November 16, 2004
It's almost Calvin and Hobbes Day once again. This time, I've dug into the archives and pulled out the first known C&H fanfic to ever be posted in the C&HDA. Yep, kiddies, a twisted tale straight from 1996... or is that actually 1995?

April 10, 2004
Happy FoxTrot Day! I added some old names to the FTDA history page and a couple of new books to the Jinx Notation page. I also updated the FoxTrot Jumpstation again.

August 24, 2003
The FoxTrot Jumpstation has finally been updated. I also added a new section to the Jumpstation where the old FoxTrot pages done by FTDAers are archived. Also, for security reasons, my e-mail address is no longer clickable - you'll have to type it in from now on.

March 8, 2003
Boy, these updates are getting less frequent. Lots of C&H stuff: a new story, "League of Justice Reunited", and a new poem, "An Ode to Calvin and Hobbes", plus Chapter 12 of "The Chronicles of Marmia 1". New on the FoxTrot side is Part 8 of "Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter".

October 25, 2002
Finally, another update. Catching up on the backlog, I put up chapters 8 to 11 of "The Chronicles of Marmia 1" and Part 23 of "The Susiode Wars". Enjoy.

July 22, 2002
I put up parts 21 and 22 of "The Susiode Wars". I also improved the look of the pages in the History section, added two new FoxTrot books to the Jinx Notation section, and fixed a few other odds and ends.

July 12, 2002
This update features a total revamping of the History section, which has now been subdivided into five pages. I added quite a bit more information on FTDA and C&HDA history, plus two pages of links to archived FTDA and C&HDA pages. This update was done rather hastily, so I apologize for the look and flow of the pages. I'll fix that in the next update.

May 26, 2002
At long last, another update! In the Jason Fox spirit, keeping at the forefront of web design, I redid the entire site in XHTML. I also made a few other changes to the layout. Please let me know if there are any problems whatsoever with any aspect of the SPIFF site! Also, I put up Part 7 of "Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter".

November 18, 2001
I changed the index page of SPIFF so that it is now in XHTML and uses style sheets. Take a look at it; if I've done it right, it shouldn't look much different from the old index page. If it does, please let me know. Oh, and have a great Calvin and Hobbes Day, everyone!

September 18, 2001
Since the NFTDA is long gone now, I have finally updated the links to point to the current FTDA at ezboard.com. FoxTrot fanfics should be posted in Fanfic Central in the FTDA. Also, I have added the final 30 statements of "You Know You Like Calvin and Hobbes Too Much When..."

August 25, 2001
I updated the Jinx Notation page because I made a mistake with the C&H book numbers. Of course "Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons" is supposed to come before "The Days are Just Packed"! Also I wanted to change the C&H numbering system a bit. Plus, I've added #151 to #200 of "You Know You Like Calvin and Hobbes Too Much When..."

July 9, 2001
Added #101 to #150 of "You Know You Like Calvin and Hobbes Too Much When..." Of the 8 broken links I mentioned in the last update, I deleted four and fixed one. The other three were just temporary site outages. Now for the important news: I'm going to be gone on a long vacation. I should be back at the end of August. Enjoy your summer, as only Calvin can!

June 26, 2001
Sorry I haven't done any updates in so long. I had stuff to do, then I went on a trip. Anyway, I've fixed the "Walking in a Winter Warzone" page, it wouldn't load before. Also I notice that there are 8 broken links in the Jumpstation. I'll wait until a future update to fix them, on the off-chance that the pages are only suffering temporary outages. But it seems no one wants to do a FoxTrot page anymore... QuincyMail is being shut down on July 1, so I have changed my e-mail address. The new address is now E-mail address, graphical format

May 13, 2001
Clues #51 to #100 that "You Know You Like Calvin and Hobbes Too Much When..." are now posted. I also added four old poems to the C&H poems page. They are: an untitled poem by Ryan Ferneau and cool girl, "CALVIN: DA MAN!!!" by weird girl, an untitled poem by The Calvin Expert, and "Calvin rap" by Admiral Hawkhunter. Also, there are a few broken links in the FoxTrot Jumpstation, I will fix these in the next update.

April 29, 2001
The old UExpress message boards, including the OFTDA and the C&HDA, no longer exist. As a result, I have changed things on many pages to reflect this. Fanfics should now be posted to the NFTDA or the new C&HDA (see the "Wanna Write a Story?" section for details). If you are a C&H addict, go take a look at "You Know You Like Calvin and Hobbes Too Much When..." in the Miscellaneous section. I've put up the first 50 items of the list, more will come in future updates.

April 2, 2001
Today is the second anniversary of SPIFF! In honour of that occasion, here is an update. I have finally posted a story that I've had quite a while, "A Calvin School Day". You can write your own ending for this story! Endings should be one chapter long and posted in the appropriate folder. I have also put up Part 6 of "Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter". This is the last part for this winter, and the story is now closed until next winter.

March 10, 2001
Another update for those of you who have been waiting for one. I put up Chapter 7 of "The Chronicles of Marmia 1", plus I added a few examples of usage of Jinx Notation.

February 11, 2001
Chapter 6 of "The Chronicles of Marmia 1" is now up. I also added 16 more links to the FoxTrot Jumpstation. That's right, sixteen. Happy surfing!

January 28, 2001
A C&H-oriented update. Part 20 of "The Susiode Wars" is now up. Also, check out the first five chapters of "The Chronicles of Marmia 1" by cool girl. In the Miscellaneous section, I have put up a list of drinks and drink colours from the Military Bar. Happy drinking!!!

January 20, 2001
There is now a new section called "Wanna Write a Story?" which gives instructions on how to post a Foxtrot or C&H story. I also added part 5 of "Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter" and revised the FTDA History section in accordance with Mr. Fun Fun's revelations about being yfel. Last but not least, I added five new links to the FoxTrot Jumpstation. (The new links are marked so you can find them.)

December 21, 2000
Added parts 18 and 19 of "The Susiode Wars". Also, "Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter" has started up again in its original discussion located in Cerebral Cortex >> Other FoxTrot Topics.

November 18, 2000
The opening of the new SPIFF site. Plus, it's Calvin and Hobbes Day!!! Time to consume Spicy Spaceman Spiff Sprite and Quincy Spit until we float!