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Spicy Spaceman Spiff Sprite: The Ad

wacko2's notes

Spicy Spaceman Spiff Sprite is a very popular drink in the FTDA and the C&HDA. It was invented on March 1, 1999 as a tribute to Spaceman Spiff. The drink is described as being red with a puce cloud hovering over it. It is usually stored in kegs, or the tank under the ARM Basement. The following poem about the drink was originally posted as part of the Never-Ending Ever-Bending Reply String in The Kitchen.

Spicy Spaceman Spiff Sprite: The Ad
Author: wacko2

Are you tossing and turning in the night?
Are you experiencing terror or fright?
Are you suffering from a rattlesnake bite?
Are you shaking so that you can't read or write?
Are you shooting all brown chihuahuas in sight?
Are you afraid of light that is far too bright?
Are you holding tight your blanket so white?
Have no fear, my friend dear, all will be right
As soon as you drink a Spicy Spaceman Spiff Sprite!