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Freeverse's note

This has nothing to do with Star Wars. Besides the part at the end, any relation to Star Wars is purely coincidental.

FTDA Wars, Part 1
Author: Goldy 14

King yfel was sitting on his throne when Major General Em walked in. "Have the rebels been found?" asked the evil king. "Not yet, sir. I have troops searching the entire Discussion Area. All the exits are sealed. They may be hiding elsewhere in Express, but I highly doubt it. No one can get past our guards," replied Em. "Well, keep searching. I will stop at nothing to have them found," said yfel. Em walked out. yfel stood up and went to one of the castle towers. From there, he could see the entirety of his kingdom, the once peaceful land of the FoxTrot Discussion Area. However, the FTDA was no longer as peaceful and tranquil as it once was. Yfel and his army of freaks took over the entire country. Slowly, each member of the FTDA was converted to freakdom except for a select few. And these few were: Freeverse, Eagle of Austria, wacko2, Papillon, and Python7. These five members of the FTDA spent their time hiding out from the freak army. They cunningly disguised themselves as freaks and exited the ruined country and were now hiding out in the small, peaceful neighboring country of Duplex.

"The freaks haven't found our hideout yet, but it will only be a matter of time before they think to look outside of FoxTrot," said Freeverse.

"Guys, I don't think I can take this anymore. The constant pressure from the freaks, knowing that the next day could be the last before we're found out," said Python7.

"Stay strong, Py. We will elude them. Wacko installed an alarm system in case freaks do come close to this hideout," said Papillon. Suddenly, as if on cue, a screeching alarm went off, along with a flashing red light.

"Code red! Code red! The freaks are coming! They're at 200 yards and closing fast!" shouted Eagle of Austria.

"Quick! Use the escape hatch under the rug!" shouted wacko2. Soon, all the members of the rebel band disappeared under a small door. Freeverse pulled closed the hatch, making sure the rug was in its original place.

FTDA Wars, Part 2
Author: Goldy 14

The small band of rebels came upon an intricate network of tunnels. "We must be underneath Express!" said Python7. "Which way do we go?" asked Freeverse. "Well, let's just find a tunnel and stick with it," said Papillon. Slowly, the team made their way through the winding maze that was the Express underground. Suddenly, Eagle of Austria spotted a ladder in front of them. A sign was posted in front of them that read: 'To C&HDA.' "Hey, guys! This way!" said Eagle of Austria. They each climbed quickly up the ladder. When they lifted up the manhole cover, they found themselves in a busy, bustling marketplace. They searched around for someone they knew. Suddenly, Freeverse spotted one. "Misto'sMate! It's great to see you!" Freeverse said. "Whoa! What are you guys doing here? I thought the FTDA was completely wiped out! No one from there has been heard from since yfel took over, and nobody can get in to investigate because of the freak army!" said Misto'sMate. "That's true, but we managed to escape. We are going to need help. Does this DA have an army?" asked wacko2. "We sure do. But we have a pretty stubborn queen. It's going to take a miracle to talk to her," said Misto'sMate. "Well, we've got to try," said Python7. The group started off towards their only hope- the C&H castle.

FTDA Wars, Part 3

The hidden rebel base in Duplex collapsed into ashes, forever covering the escape hatch. The eerie Ghost Squadron floated overhead, as Em's flame-tank pounded the remaining sections of the base into oblivion. Then, in the smoke-filled sky, two Quince-wing fighters dived towards the freak army. Onboard, Maetoshi and Eileen Jacob-son piloted the fighters with deadly accuracy. Noticing the pilots, Em hissed in anger. "What?!? You two were destroyed ages ago!" "Apparently," said Maetoshi to Eileen through the on-board radio, "she doesn't know that it's possible to have a backup identity." Eileen closed in on Em, launching Denise-missiles. Maetoshi flew over the Ghost Squadron, showering them with copies of May the Force Be With Us, Please and Pass the Loot. The Ghosts screamed in horror as the books they hated so much came down on them. Nine Ghosts (out of 20) were sucked into the pages and died.

Three Denise-missiles hit head-on, producing a fascinating explosion. Em leaped out of the tank and ran. The Ghosts, however, closed in on the two Rebels, who took off into the sky. The Ghosts were getting closer.


"Welcome to our realm," said Commander Happy Hobbes, who, with Misto'sMate, led the Rebels to the keep. "We would like you to meet our ruler." They entered the throne room, coming face to face with...

FTDA Wars, Part 4
Author: Freeverse

...the royal guard. "Now, the Queen doesn't like visitors, and only lets one go in at a time. Let's draw straws to figure out who goes first." They did that, and Freeverse got the short one. She walked in, and the door closed quickly behind her. Suddenly, K~A~T~S~Y jumped up and grabbed her! It was a trap! "Guys! Run!!!" screamed Freeverse. "It's a trap!!!" Papillon broke down the door, trying to get to her. Then K~A~T~S~Y saw him, and hissed, "You!!! You drove us out the first time!!! Well, you just made a big mistake, my friend." The Ghost of Susie popped up, and grabbed Papillon. "Guys, run!!! Forget about us!! We need you to save the FTDA!!!" yelled Freeverse to the remaining rebels. They finally listened. "Queen K~A~T~S~Y! The rebels are getting away!" reported The Ghost of Susie. "Let them run. We have their last living leader. Now, what should we do with her?" said K~A~T~S~Y. "We also have the one who tried to drive out the freaks last time. Don't think your words are gonna help you now, dog lover. I knew I would get you the first time I saw you."

FTDA Wars, Part 5
Author: Freeverse

K~A~T~S~Y knew the first thing to do was to get rid of the leader. So she took Freeverse, and injected her with numerous chemicals, and threw her out the window, which was 3 stories high. "No one could survive that," she thought. As for Papillion, she put him in the Hell Room. It was a room painted orange and olive green, and played Spice Girl music around the clock.

The rebels found Freeverse lying on the ground, almost dead. "You... have to help Papillon," she said, obviously having trouble speaking. "Go to Geetch. You will find help there. That is where DZ went. He is wise, and will know how......"

"She's dead!!!" yelled wacko2. "K~A~T~S~Y will pay."

FTDA Wars, Part 6
Author: Freeverse

They went to Geetch to find David Zielinski, as Freeverse had said. Meanwhile, two days later, back at the 'death spot', Freeverse came to! She stood up and stretched. Then she heard a snap behind her, and she jumped. But she didn't come down!!! She was flying! When she came down, she realized that she also had telekinesis powers. The chemicals hadn't killed her. They had made her stronger, giving her super powers!!! She ran to a nearby cave, and saw a sign on a tree for a reward for the rebels. It had a picture of wacko2, Eagle of Austria, Misto'sMate, and Python7. "Well, of course K~A~T~S~Y wouldn't put me on there. She thought I was dead!" Freeverse thought. She knew the first thing she had to do. So K~A~T~S~Y wouldn't recognize her, she decided to get a nose job (she had a humongous nose) and have her hair cut and dyed. After her trip to town, she went back to the castle, and went up to save Papillon. She flew up to the window, knocked out a guard, and took her uniform. Right then, K~A~T~S~Y passed by and said, "You, feed the prisoner. We want to keep him alive as long as possible. Hee hee hee!!!" Freeverse got the food and took it to the Hell Room. She opened the door, and found Papillon huddling in a corner. She quickly closed the door, turned off the CD player, and ran over to him. "Papillon! It's me!!! Freev!" she said.

FTDA Wars, Part 7
Author: Freeverse

"Freev? Your nose!!! And your hair. How... I... they told me that they had killed you," Papillon said. "They thought they had, but they just made me stronger. Come on!!! We are gonna get out of here, fast!!!" she said. A few minutes later, they were in the underground tunnels they had found earlier. "Let's go back to Duplex. Maybe we can find something," said Papillon.

They opened the hatch, and saw two familiar faces. "Maetoshi!!! Eileen!!! You're alive!!! I thought you were dead!!!" yelled Freeverse. "I thought you were!!" said Maetoshi.

"We can explain on the way! Get in the jet. We need to find all the others," said Eileen Jacob-son.

FTDA Wars, Part 8
Author: Freeverse

"Where did you get the jet?" asked Papillon, when the four got to the jet.

"Oh, I made this a while back, along with an underground freak shelter. I guess I forgot to tell you," said Eileen Jacob-son.

"Come on!!! Let's go. We need to get to Geetch," said Freeverse. "I told the others to go there and find DZ. They still think that I am dead and that Papillon is being held hostage. And it'll only be a matter of time till the freaks come back here."

"Let's go!!!" said Maetoshi. Suddenly, an animal popped out of the rubble. It was ruffled and skinny, sort of raggedy, but somehow familiar... "Munchy!!! You're alive!!!" yelled Freeverse. "Yeah. I escaped before yfel bombed the condo. Unfortunately, the others weren't so lucky. But while I was making my way here, I found this." He held out a small grey kitten. "I named her Maimer, because she killed one of the ghosts. She may be helpful," he said.

"Mew," said Maimer. Then the strange team got into the jet, on their way to find the others.

The plane closed in on the C&H castle. It finally landed, and the rebels jumped out. Suddenly, 30 robotic The Ghost of Calvin clones appeared. Walking towards the rebels and firing flame-guns, they seemed able to take anything that was fired at them. Freeverse opened a box and a slight glowing appeared on the inside. Seeing what Freeverse was doing, Maetoshi opened another box. Two counter-freaks appeared from inside the boxes, firing their own flame-guns. Sixteen TGoC clones were destroyed before the first counter-freak was destroyed. The second attacked with renewed fury, but was killed by laser fire from a castle turret. The four rebels, running towards the castle gates, made it inside, only to be blocked by...

FTDA Wars, Part 9
Author: Freeverse

...K~A~T~S~Y. As she saw everyone, she said to Freeverse, "Good work, girl!! You caught the escapees. And these two! We thought they were dead! Well, you are good. What's your name?" At first, Freeverse was confused, but then she looked down, and realized that she had the guard uniform on, still. "Um, it's Catana, your majesty. I am new in this castle. I have worked for many years as a guard for the sacred cat. It is an honor to work for such a dog-hater." She then did the secret hand signal behind her back, to let the others know she was faking it all. "Ah, yes. KK. She told me she would send a guard over. Well, good work, Catana. You are free to have the rest of the day relaxing in the gardens, after you take these three to the room worse than hell."

As Freeverse took the three down to the room, she told them of her plan. "OK, I will knock a hole in the wall, and have a hologram of you guys running away. That will distract the guards long enough so that I can get here and let you out for real." When they got to the room, Freeverse saw why it was called the room worse than hell. It had 100 Richard Simmonses all around the room. "Work fast, Freev," said Maetoshi.

Soon, the plan was underway. Freeverse and the others got out of the castle, but then they realized that they had hit a snag. "The jet's gone!" cried Eileen Jacob-son. "We're doomed!!!" "Wait!" said Papillon. "Freev can fly! She has super powers!!! And she can levitate things." "Oh yes! We can all get in that box over there, and she can fly, and lift us, taking us with her!!!"

"I don't know. It could be dangerous," said Freeverse.

"Well, we don't have a choice. Get in," said Munchy.

FTDA Wars, Part 10
Author: Jenna Nicolsen

Freeverse and all the others got into the box. Freeverse said shakily, "OK, I'll try." She concentrated all of her telekinetic powers on the box. "Fly. Fly," she thought. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the distance. Maetoshi recognized her first. "Jenna! How'd you get here?!" "Oh, I was just wandering around. Why are you all in a box? Playing Calvin and Hobbes?" Jenna asked jokingly. "Freev is using her telekinesis powers to levitate the box 'cause the FTDA private jet was stolen. Can you possibly help?" Misto'sMate was freaked out. "Yes, actually I picked up some TK powers along the way. I was trying to get to Geetch and find out where Deez was, and K~A~T~S~Y gave me all these chemicals in an attempt to kill me," Jenna answered. "NO KIDDING! That's how Freev got hers. And we're going to Geetch too. Hop in."

"EEEEEERRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH." Freeverse was not having success with her telekinesis. "Here, Freev, I think I got a higher dose than you, so logically my powers are stronger. Let's both try at the same time, and hope for the best." Jenna and Freeverse concentrated every atom of their powers on their makeshift jet, and soon they were flying over the Fun-Fun Central countryside. In the distance, they could see the abandoned metropolis of Newbie Valley. "LOOK!" Eileen cried. Everyone peered over the box and saw a sign reading, 'WELCOME TO....

FTDA Wars, Part 11
Author: Freeverse


"WHAT?" screamed Freeverse. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a stormranger popped out. He shot a laser gun, and hit Jenna!!! "NO!!!" yelled Freeverse. Then she was hit too!!! As they fell, Freeverse, using her last bit of energy, kept the box from falling straight down. She made it glide down gently. Then she blacked out.

* A few days later... *

She woke up, and realized where she was!!! "The old base!!!" As she looked around, she saw that things were charred and burnt. Then she saw everyone, including Jenna, sitting at a table near her. "Jenna! You're OK!" "Yeah. The shot wasn't what affected you. You were shocked, and lost concentration, and forgot to start flying again. We all landed in the woods, and we dragged you here."

"Are you OK?" asked Munchy. "Because we need to get on. We have to find the rest."

"You guys go on to Geetch and find the others. I can stay here and look for old plans, or weapons, or FTDAers taken prisoner. Jenna is strong enough. She can fly you there," said Freeverse.

"No!" said Maetoshi. "I am not letting you go alone. I will stay." "Are you sure?" asked Freeverse. "Yes," said Maetoshi. "And we can keep the cat too."

"OK, then it's settled," said Papillon. "Maetoshi, Freev and Maimer stay here, and Eileen, Munchy, Jenna and I go."

Soon, Papillon, Jenna, Munchy, and Eileen Jacob-son were on their way, and Maetoshi, Freeverse, and Maimer were left to face, ironically, uncharted territory.

The ironic part was because it was their home town.

FTDA Wars, Part 12

The box carrying the rebels flew on to Geetch. As they flew over a hill, they found the site of Geetch. It was only ashes. The few Geetch residents were lying dead, horrified looks still frozen on their faces. And the ruins were infested with stormrangers and the remainder of the Ghost Squadron. The enemy spotted them, and the box was in the crosshairs of hundreds of enemy guns. The rebels bailed out. Freeverse looked back up as they fell and realized that they had escaped just seconds before they would have had more holes blown through them than a sponge. As they landed on a hilltop, five stormrangers who had been hiding jumped out and pointed guns at them. Papillon, who had been anticipating this sort of thing, blew them away with a flamethrower. They began the march downhill, hoping, somehow, to reconquer Geetch.

FTDA Wars, Part 13

* Meanwhile... *

Ami (Freeverse changed her name to hide from K~A~T~S~Y), Maetoshi and Maimer watched Jenna land the box on the ashes of Geetch. The box group walked over the horizon and out of sight. Ami said, "Well, at least cremation is a respectful way to die..."

Maetoshi said, "NO!! Geetch is not dead yet!! They will fix it up! With Jenna's TK, Geetch will be as good as new, and better! Well, we'd better look for former FTDAers." He pointed to a ladder reading 'TO FFC'. "I will go here. Ami, you take ROM." He pointed to a ladder bearing the ROM emblem. "And, goochy goochy gooooo, yooooouuu, little Maimer, will go to CC. Jenna endowed you with immortality and excellent senses of smell and sight, so nothing can happen to you!!"

Ami asked, "What about NV? It's so deserted, there could be a lot of undergrounders there."

Maetoshi replied, "Everyone meet here in Chapter 15. We will look in NV then."

Maimer cried out: "Meeeoooowwww!!!"

Startled by Maimer's strangled cry, the two looked up to see plaster chipping off the ceiling. The entire FTDA began to shake. "Ami!!!! RUN TO PAPILLON'S BUTTERFLY-DOG DISCUSSION AREA!!!! TAKE MAIMER WITH YOU!! DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME, JUST SAVE YOURSELF!!!" Ami tucked Maimer under her shirt and shot up a ladder bearing a placard reading 'THE FOXWIDE WEB: VARIOUS MBs BY FTDAers'. After climbing it, she came to a room with several ladders. She quickly found the correct ladder and went to the BDDA, hoping for peace.

FTDA Wars, Part 14

Maetoshi ran around the FTDA, looking for an escape. It was too late. The quake had caused doorways to collapse, sealing all exits. He went to an abandoned discussion and huddled in a corner. Suddenly, a particular song went into his head. Not the 'Apocalypse Now' theme, not 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing', the Armageddon theme, but an oldies song:

Bye bye Miss American Pie,
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
Them good ol' boys were drinkin' whisky and rye
Singing "This'll be the day that I die,
This'll be the day that I die."

Ignoring the music, Maetoshi looked for a way out. Message Board Help, the region he was currently in, was collapsing. Locking an energy bolt on a nearby wall, he destroyed it, revealing a room packed with people that he knew so well... Nermal, Quincy, Baby Quincy, Aliens, Cubicle Dwellers, Catbert, Ratbert, Dogbert... alter egos. Thousands more AEs that he did not recognize wandered around. Quincy used his claw-morph ray to eliminate the collapsing ceiling (by turning it into even more Baby Quincies). Climbing up through the ceiling, Maetoshi and the thousands of alter egos discovered the source of the "earthquake": hundreds of freak tanks rolling over the underground regions of MBH, heading toward Geetch. "Attack the tanks!" ordered Maetoshi, and the alter egos, in a frenzy of destruction, began their attack. The tanks' turrets turned around and began to fire at the advancing hordes of AEs. Grabbing Quincy, Maetoshi ran for the nearest Fox Wide Web station. Climbing the ladder, he finally reachedBDDA, the location of Ami and Maimer. The three rebels then remembered that Jenna was still missing.

FTDA Wars, Part 15
Author: Freeverse

"We have to go to Geetch!" said Maetoshi. "We have to find Jenna and everyone else!"

Ami said, "Wait. At the moment, we are a mortal, a person with telekinesis powers but doesn't know how to use them well, and a kitten that gets pissed off easily! We have to go and get the other AEs, and have an army to fight anything we may face."

Maimer said, "Mew. Mewww! Merrrow?"

Maetoshi asked, "What did Maimer say?"

Ami answered, "Well, I have always been a cat person. I know their language... sort of. I know the last thing was 'Am I right?' But that's it."

Quincy spoke up. "Uh, excuse me. But what she said was, 'We shouldn't split up again. We need to stay together, because there is strength in numbers.' I believe that that is a good idea."

Ami said, "That is a wonderful idea, Mai, but unfortunately, that can't always be. Anyway, I have gotten the protection/blessing spell under control, so if all of you are protected, then we can safely go into Geetch and find Jenna."

They all went underground, into the tunnels. They saw the ladder going up to Geetch, and as Ami was about to climb it, something jumped her!

"Die, terrible ghost!! Die!!!" Python7 yelled.

Ami shouted, "Damn it, Py, get off! It's me, Freev!!!"

Python7 said, "Uh huh. You must think I am pretty stupid. Freev had long blond hair, and a nose the size of Texas! And she's dead. I saw her die."

Ami said, "Hey! Python7, this is so simple, that even you should understand! I didn't die, I just gained TK powers. K~A~T~S~Y thought I was dead, so I cut and dyed my hair, and had a nose job. And my nose wasn't THAT big!"

Then Python7 saw Quincy and Maetoshi come out. "Oh. Sorry. It's OK, guys! Freev is alive, and Maetoshi and Quincy are here!" he said.

Then Eagle of Austria, wacko2, Misto'sMate and Weed came out of hiding.

Ami said, "We have to go find Jenna and the rest!"

FTDA Wars, Part 16

The Boxers, as they had named themselves, were Eileen Jacob-son, Papillon, Munchy, and Jenna. They were also overcome with trepidation about what lay ahead for them.

Papillon said, "OK, first order of business: FIND DZ. Even if we have to pick up his corpse, we must get him to Ami." Everyone groaned in disgust.

Jenna replied, "We won't have to pick up any corpses. Should we find a mangled corpse that bears some resemblance to Dizz, I can put him back together and bring him back alive." Everyone cheered.

Eileen said, "OK, we might as well split up. I'll go north. Papillon, go east. Munchy, south. Jenna, west. Meet here in Chapter 17 or 18."

Munchy suddenly spoke up: "Hey, look at that! Who are they?" He pointed at a band of distant figures, silhouettes against the setting sun.

Jenna shouted, "IT LOOKS LIKE AN ARMY!!!!!"

Papillon said, "HEY! It's Ami, P7, Maetoshi, and Maimer, with an army of ALTER EGOS!!"

Everyone in the Boxers was cheering, yelling, and waving. Only when the band got really close did something occur to them....

FTDA Wars, Part 17
Author: Freeverse

They realized that the army was not their friends, but their enemies.

Jenna saw a horrifying sight. There, in front of the troops, was K~A~T~S~Y.

As the Boxers prepared to fight, the real AE troops popped out of the hole they were in and started attacking. Ami saw K~A~T~S~Y run. She then saw a weakness. K~A~T~S~Y was chicken. After a long and hard battle, they finally could rest. Many AEs were dead, and Ami's spirits were low. Which was never a good sign.

Maetoshi said, "Ami, I really think this is getting serious. Everywhere we go, we are attacked!"

"Serious?" Ami whispered. "Ser... SERIOUS??" she yelled. "What was it when we were driven out of our homes? Or when we were tricked by the C&HDAers? Or when K~A~T~S~Y tried to kill me and Jenna? Or when we saw what had become of the FTDA? I... I can't take this! My home has been ruined. Many of my friends are dead. All because yfel wanted to do some damage. This whole thing is pointless. There is no reason any of this should be happening. And wherever I go to find peace, I find nothing but pure hell!"

Ami had an important decision. "Guys," she said. "I need a vacation." "What?!?" said Eileen Jacob-son. "This is war! How can you take a break?" The others agreed. "Mew," said Maimer. "I know, guys. And Mai, you are right. I am your leader. But I just can't take it. Remember, the path to freakishness is frustration and hate. But don't worry. Everything will be fine. And to make it even better, after I come back, everyone will get to take a vacation too. One at a time, of course." "Yeah, but who would be in charge?" asked Python7. "I mean, we need someone smart and strong." Once again, the others agreed.

"I have thought about that. The one in charge will be Mai," Ami said.

"WHAT???" "But she's a cat! She can't even talk!" "We will be the laughingstock of the DA!" Disapproval rose up.

"Now just listen. I realize she is a cat, but all of the strategies I have been using came from her. She is very smart. Don't underestimate her. Also, Maetoshi and wacko2 will be in charge." Everyone came to an agreement on that. "Also, I have a pager, and a transporter, and I can be here in 10 hundredths of a second if needed."

Soon, Ami left for a Yahoo! chat room.

A few days later, the group saw a swarm of enemies charging. They got in position, and saw something shocking. Ami was leading the attack!

"She... she betrayed us!" yelled Python7. "Well, um, maybe she was captured and forced up there! Leave her be!" said Munchy, trying to defend his mistress. Suddenly, a large growl arose from behind them. Then a dark grey tigerlike creature leapt over the (good) army and ran to Ami and ripped her head off, and then went and killed many of the stormrangers, and proceeded to trot back to the group with Ami's head. As it came towards them, it started shrinking, and they realized that it was Maimer. "Mai! I just said to leave Ami alone!" said Munchy. "Mew. Meeww!!" Maimer said. "What? You say that... that wasn't Ami?" translated Munchy. "How do you know?" "Mew mew mrow purr." "Because of her SMELL?" asked Eileen Jacob-son. "What does that mean?" Munchy scurried over to the head, and said, "Hey! Mai's right! Ami smells like sunflowers and vanilla. This clone smells like fried chicken, and Ami hates fried chicken. They were trying to trick us!"

FTDA Wars, Part 18
Author: Freeverse

As Ami was climbing up Mount McMeel, she wished that she didn't have to lie to her friends like that. The only one who knew the truth was Maimer. And Maimer was only in on it because Ami had told her about the plan before she knew how smart the kitten was. But Ami was on a mission now.

Meanwhile, the others were having some trouble. They were trying to fight off numerous stormrangers, as well as Em, K~A~T~S~Y and yfel. As Maetoshi tried to page Ami, the phone was shot out of his hand! He turned to see yfel right next to him. He knew he was done for, so he closed his eyes and braced himself... He heard a bang, but he wasn't hurt!!! He opened one eye, and saw a big crater where all the enemies had been standing! He looked up, and saw The Great Goddess Sysop and Ami floating down. "Guys! Look!" he yelled. "Ami got Sysop to stop them! She wasn't on vacation!"

There was much rejoicing. "Two months vacation with twice the normal pay for everyone!" yelled Ami at one point. "Ami, we don't get paid," said Eileen Jacob-son. "Oh... yeah. Well, two months' vacation with $5000 for everyone. Before I got Sysop, I looted a few of yfel's pirate ships." There was much more rejoicing.

A few days later, they were all at the awards ceremony. The FTDAers who had been in hiding had come out, and Sysop was giving everyone who fought medals of bravery. "Pssst. Who is that furry guy who keeps growling?" whispered Munchy to Maetoshi. "And, for that matter, who are those two robots? That short blue and white one, and the tall golden one?" Maetoshi saw who they were, and said to them, "Hey, guys! This is FTDA Wars, not Star Wars. Wrong story!"

FTDA Wars, Part 19
Author: Jenna Nicolsen

Epilogue and Credits

R2-D2 and C-3PO found their way back to their own galaxy.

As for the freaks, they were bound into straitjackets, and locked and imprisoned in K~A~T~S~Y's own Room A Helluva Lot Worse Than Hell. It displayed holograms of our heroes celebrating in, where else, the Military Bar in MBH. Well, it was a helluva lot worse than hell for the freaks, anyway.

Maimer was crowned Official Mascot of the FTDA, and was dubbed a knight in King Papillon's kingdom in MBH.

Everyone built shrines and temples to The Serene Goddess Sysop in every folder. Every day there were offerings of discussions, old and new. Discussions of the 'WE WILL TAKE OVER' type were burned. No one dared to give such crap to the Goddess.

In addition to their medals, the rebels (Maetoshi, Jenna Nicolsen, Eileen Jacob-son, wacko2, Ami, Papillon, and Misto'sMate) were awarded small pieces of the FTDA to govern. Misto'sMate gave hers to wacko2, and returned to her homeland, the C&HDA, though she still came to the FTDA for frequent visits. Oh yes, Chewbacca also found his way back to his own galaxy.

The End


Ami - Natalie Portman
Maetoshi - Bruce Willis
Jenna Nicolsen - Liv Tyler
Goldy 14 - Kevin Costner
Papillon - Billy Zane
Maimer - Cleopatra (my cat)
Eileen Jacob-son - Kate Winslet
wacko2 - Harrison Ford
Misto'sMate - Julia Roberts