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The Military Bar Drink List

wacko2's notes

Reading the messages in a discussion area is thirsty work, so over the years many drinks have been invented to ease our parched throats. Each drink often has a particular colour associated with it. By long tradition, the name of a drink is always written in the colour of that drink. Here, then, is the famous list of drinks (and colours) from the Military Bar in the FTDA.

The Military Bar Drink List
Authors: Various people

Drink Colour
Andy's Magical Mix (none)
Candace Cocktail #0000FF
Cool Calvin Cola #993333
Cream soda #FF0000
Diet Cool Calvin Cola #996633
Disappearing Tommy white
Eileen Punch Surprise #FF00FF
Flaming Roger (none)
Flaming TCE #990033
Fox Light (none)
Fox Martini (none)
Foxoors (none)
Foxweiser (none)
Green Iguana (none)
Jason Jolt #FF00FF
Jason's Lemonade (none)
Marcus Martini brown
Maui Punch (none)
Mindy Margarita yellow
Miruvor #0099CC
Model Rocket Booster Fuel (none)
O'Reilly Ale (none)
Peter Pop blue
Peter's Coffee-Tea #996633
Phoebe's Perfect Pickled Pineapple Punch (none)
Poison Ivy Water (none)
Quincy Spit green
Raspberry Chocolate Quincy Spit #CC00CC
Red Fox Wine (none)
Red Iguana (none)
Root beer #993333
Rosalyn Raspberry magenta
Samuel Fox (none)
Screaming Paige (none)
Spicy Spaceman Spiff Sprite #FF0000
Strawberry Chocolate Quincy Spit #FF0000
Susie Slushy pink
Susie Soda purple
Teal Tequila teal
Tenchi-Muyo Tequila (none)