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Miscellaneous Stories

This is a collection of miscellaneous stories and other stuff. These items don't deal with FoxTrot or Calvin and Hobbes directly; rather, they have to do with the people that inhabit (or used to inhabit) the FTDA and the C&HDA, and the history of those two discussion areas.

  • FTDA Wars
    Authors: Goldy 14, Freeverse, Jenna Nicolsen, Maetoshi

    In this tale, the freaks have invaded the FTDA and the C&HDA, and it is up to a band of rebels to fight the freaks and save the two discussion areas. This is an imaginary tale, but it is based on the real-life freak invasions that have occurred and the FTDA Army's efforts to combat them.

  • Spicy Spaceman Spiff Sprite: The Ad
    Author: wacko2

    As promised, this is the only ad on the SPIFF site! It pays tribute to one of the most popular drinks in both the FTDA and the C&HDA.

  • You Know You Like Calvin and Hobbes Too Much When...
    Authors: Various people

    If you're a big Calvin and Hobbes fan, you might identify with some of these things on this list, which was composed by some of the C&HDAers in 2000.

  • The Military Bar Drink List
    Authors: Various people

    Many people have invented drinks in the FTDA. Here is a peek at the famous bar menu from the Military Bar.