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SPIFF history

The Society for the Preservation of Interesting FoxTrot Fanfics was formed on April 2, 1999. It first started out as a discussion in FFC >> Other Topics. Shortly after that, the first SPIFF website was put up, featuring the classic FoxTrot fanfics. Later on, C&H fanfics were added, as well as the FoxTrot Jumpstation.

On November 18, 2000, SPIFF moved into its new digs at spiff.ca, in time for the Calvin and Hobbes Day celebrations. And of course, this is the new site!

In March 2001, UExpress decided to shut down all its message boards, taking the original SPIFF discussion with it. A new FTDA was started at EZboard.com, and a new SPIFF discussion was put in FFC. A forum devoted to FoxTrot fanfics was later added, but this forum was eventually archived due to lack of use. New fanfics are now posted in FFC, which was the traditional spot for fanfics in the old FTDA.