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C&HDA links

This is the list of links to pages from the old C&HDA archived at archive.org. Have fun looking through them and remembering the past! Please note that clicking on links inside the archived pages generally doesn't work.

1999 to 2001

The first page below was the gateway to all the MBs. The second was the listing of MBs in the Comics section. They are from Dec. 4, 1999.

Here is what you used to see when you walked in the door of the C&HDA. This page dates from Dec. 7, 2000, after sysop's massive deletion spree; note the number of discussions.

The links below were one step farther into the C&HDA from the front entrance. The two discussions were later deleted by sysop. These archived pages all date from Dec. 1-2, 1999. By this time, Absolut C&H already had over 1,000 messages.

These two groups of pages are the lists of discussions from each of the folders inside Let's discuss... The first group dates from Oct. 26-27, 2000, before sysop's chainsaw spree. The second is from Dec. 14-15, after the mass deletions. And yeah, UExpress couldn't even bother to spell Watterson's name right.

These discussions are all from the Let's discuss... >> The Comic Strip folder. For some reason, a lot of these were archived. They all date from Dec. 8 or 9, 2000. In one discussion, sysop reposted some of the Crankshaft messages in the wrong board. The C&H messages that were supposed to be in that discussion got reposted to the Crankshaft MB.

These are all the archived pages from the Let's discuss... >> C&H Merchandising folder. They are from Dec. 10-15, 2000.

These pages are from the We would like your suggestions folder. They are from Dec. 14, 2000.

Here you can see three sets of pages. In each set, you can see the number of discussions and messages change by date. Note the differences before and after sysop's deleting spree.

This discussion below got posted in the Crankshaft MB, as a result of that incident where sysop reposted some messages and discussions in the wrong places.

And finally, that page we all dreaded:


This is what UExpress looked like on Jan. 25, 1998. By this time, the FTDA was separate from the other UExpress MBs. Folders were also introduced inside the MBs. On the second page below, click on any MB to see a list of folders/discussions.

These are links to lists of C&H discussions from January 17, 1998. There are relatively few discussions, so I think sysop must have cleaned out the C&HDA at the same time other changes were made.

These are C&HDA discussions from January 17, 1998. Surprisingly enough, they were archived under foxtrot.com. I never expected to find them there.

The following discussion from Jan. 25, 1998 wasn't actually posted in the C&HDA.

Here's a couple pages from May 24, 1998.


This is what the C&HDA looked like in "the old days". The three pages below are from Feb. 21, 1997. They are rare examples of archived pages with clickable links. On the first page, you can click on "Comics". On the second, you can click on any of the MBs to see the list of discussions. On the third, you can click on any discussion to read the last page of posts.

The pages below are from Mar. 14, 1997. The links inside them don't work.

The archived C&HDA discussions from 1997 are quite interesting to read. Even back then, people were annoyed with sysop, who at that time moderated the boards much more frequently, often deleting individual messages. While most early posts actually talked about Calvin and Hobbes, there were also arguments over the posting of discussions not related to C&H. You can see the early freaks and regulars who inhabited the C&HDA back then, including Bman, Me, and PTS Calvin Dept. (TCE).

These discussion pages are from March 14, 1997. Either they are new discussions, or they have additional messages not shown in the same discussion from Feb 21, 1997.


This was the earliest incarnation of the C&HDA. Unlike the later incarnations, messages were only kept for a certain amount of time (about 5 weeks) before being deleted. The page below was archived on Nov. 23, 1996. The oldest posts you can see are from Oct. 14, 1996, only nine and a half months after Bill Watterson had retired. That's why there are so many posts about the demise of Calvin and Hobbes. Many of the links work. Clicking on replies doesn't work, but that's not a big problem since there aren't many actual replies.

Everyone should read the post entitled How it should have ended. It's interesting and a bit disturbing. Think of Shakespeare's play "Hamlet".

Plus you can look around calvinandhobbes.com as it was in 1996: