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C&HDA history

The C&HDA had its beginning at about the same time as the FTDA, in December 1995. The first incarnation of the C&HDA had no discussions of the type we know today. Instead, threaded messages were listed all on one page. Messages were only kept for a limited time, about five weeks, before being deleted.

The first incarnation of the C&HDA was created at about the time that Bill Watterson retired from drawing Calvin and Hobbes. Nearly all of the messages in the C&HDA had something to do with Calvin and Hobbes: the demise of C&H, how much C&H meant to people, why Watterson stopped when he did, and even pleas to Watterson to come back and draw C&H strips again.

One of the very first C&HDAers was Heather Acord, who appeared in February 1996. But the C&HDA did not really have any regular visitors at this point. Occasionally, regulars from the FTDA would wander in and post one or two messages.

The next incarnation of the C&HDA appeared in January 1997. At this time, the C&HDA became part of the collection of UExpress message boards devoted to comic strips. All the discussions were listed on a single page.

It was at this time that the earliest regulars appeared. Some of them included lady shelby, Michael Carter, BMan, Me, Dr. Marc, Sam Tingey, PTS Calvin Dept. (later known as The Calvin Expert), cool girl, Happy Hobbes DX9, Xiaoyu, Kevin Hall, Amanda, scullythevampïre, and Ryan Ferneau. There were also early freaks, such as jawz, DOGGY STYLE, Narith, Infinite Dark Force, and God.

The C&HDA at this time was still mostly focused on C&H, but discussions often went off-topic. Sysop moderated the boards quite frequently, and deleted offending messages. There was a fair amount of friction between the C&HDAers and sysop. People even resorted to adding a C&H-related line to their post so it wouldn't be deleted by sysop. There were also arguments over the posting of discussions not related to C&H.

1997 marked the whole Sailor Scout debacle. Everyone changed their names to Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune, Saler Jupie, Sailor-I-don't-wanna-be-a-Sailor-Scout, etc.

The largest and most famous discussion in the history of the C&HDA, Absolut Calvin and Hobbes, was founded on November 12, 1997, by Zeke 2.3 (Heather). It grew to over 1,400 messages before it was finally deleted in 2000.

In January 1998, folders were introduced, dividing the C&HDA into several areas. More regulars came, including weird girl, Zycho-Jason-zero, Maetoshi, Jesse Barboza, Admiral Hawkhunter, Stop Making Sense!, Eagle of Austria, and Laura.

In 1998, yfel attacked the C&HDA under the guise of The Ghost of Calvin. He didn't do much, however.

In 1999, the C&HDA Senate was formed so that everyone could discuss the problems affecting the C&HDA. The Senate was led by Zycho-Jason-zero. Over time, though, the idea of a Senate died out.

1999 was the year of the Pokémon craze. The biggest Poké-fanatic was probably Jesse Barboza, who talked about (or used) Pokémon in most of his messages.

Later in 1999, another freak, Grim Reaper, attacked the C&HDA. He was put on trial before the C&HDA Senate, and found guilty. At this time, he disappeared, and has not been seen since.

In 2000, new regulars included Lindsey, King K. Rool (who was obsessed about certain Nintendo games), Diablo, and Crazyboy. There was also Diablo's friend, Max Galindo, who acted like a freak and also stole Diablo's name for a while.

The major event of 2000 was the mass deletion of discussions by sysop. The C&HDA went from over 930 discussions down to 330 discussions. Not even Absolut C&H was spared. This caused an uproar among the C&HDAers, and sysop later apologized. However, the pruning of discussions still continued afterwards. A second Absolut C&H discussion was started to replace the original.

In March 2001, the C&HDA was deleted along with all the other old UExpress message boards. The C&HDAers mourned the loss of the old boards, but they refused to let the spirit of the C&HDA die. A month earlier, cool girl had started a message board for her C&H site, and it was this board that became the new C&HDA. Absolut C&H was restored yet again, and new Calvinball games and stories were started. And that's the current state of the C&HDA.