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Insanely FoxTrot Fanfics

Here's some great fan fiction from one of the best comic strips, FoxTrot. These stories were originally posted in the discussion area formerly located at the FoxTrot web site (www.foxtrot.com). They were preserved here to save them from sysop's wrath. If you don't know who sysop is, she was the caretaker of the FoxTrot Discussion Area (FTDA), and she frequently deleted inactive discussions to reduce clutter in the message boards. Many of the stories below are not posted at any other FoxTrot fan pages. The first three stories below are part of the Fox Wars, an on-going saga involving the Fox family and their friends.

  • Death Fox
    Authors: crow t., Eagle of Austria

    The 1998 classic. The Fox Wars begin with this tale of a massive summertime battle involving Jason, Marcus, Paige, Peter and Steve, plus all their friends. Note that this is the "Golden Edition" (long version) of Death Fox, re-edited by Eagle of Austria.

  • Walking in a Winter Warzone
    Authors: Daniel Duterte, Eagle of Austria, Maetoshi, Eileen Jacob-son, wacko2

    The sequel to Death Fox. A winter war scene, featuring Jason and his army vs. Paige, Peter, Nicole and Denise.

  • Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter
    Authors: FreevAmi, Ná-arâ, wacko2, Forrest Gump2

    Yep, yet another sequel! It's a new winter, and Paige is out to get her revenge on Jason. New chapters are posted in the FTDA in FoxTrot Talk.

  • Fox Wars movie
    Author: SnowWolf

    The summer star spectacle of 2006! An animated movie based on chapter 1 of Death Fox!

  • Star Fox
    Author: Maetoshi

    Maetoshi's masterpiece. An epic space battle, featuring the Federation (Jason, Marcus, Eileen, Phoebe, and Quincy) against the Paigions.

  • Nightmare from the Stars
    Author: Sorensen1318 (Demosthenes)

    A story of chilling horror at Camp Bohrmore. What terrors will befall Jason and his friends as they face the Nightmare from the Stars?

  • FoxFire
    Author: wacko2

    Another FoxTrot space story, but opposite of Star Fox. Captain Paige and the Alliance battle against Darth Jason. New chapters are posted in the FTDA in FoxTrot Talk.

  • Jason and the Argonauts
    Author: wacko2

    An unfinished epic poem featuring Jason and his band in search of the Golden Fleece.

  • Snow Fox
    Author: Bryan

    A poem-fic in which Jason battles against his brother Peter in the snow.

  • House Wars
    Author: Blacktamuanda33

    Jason and Paige renew hostilities once again.

  • The Watauokubimach
    Author: Py the Great

    A trilogy in five parts. NSFW, but extremely funny.