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Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter

wacko2's notes

Anyone can add to this story, but please read Eagle of Austria's rules for the series, located in his preface to the original "Walking in a Winter Warzone" story. I also recommend you read the story itself to get a feel for it, if you have not done so already. New chapters are always posted in the FTDA in Fun-Fun Central, so please post additions to the story there. Don't e-mail them to me.

Important Notice: This story was started in the winter of 1999-2000, and can only be added to during the winter season. This year, additions to the story can only be posted between December 21, 2004 and March 20, 2005.

Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter: Part 1, Prologue
Author: FreevAmi

Paige woke up with a start. She looked at her clock. 1:37 AM. What could have woken her? She looked around, and then saw it. Outside, it was snowing. The first snow of winter. She remembered the fight of last year. But she was going to get her revenge on Jason. She tiptoed to Peter's room, where he was twitching and howling like a basset dreaming about chasing bunnies. "Peter," she whispered, and shook him awake. He woke up, grumbling. "What the heck did you wake me up for???" "Shhh!" Paige cautioned. She pointed out the window, and Peter smiled. They bundled up, and went outside. Paige ran over to Nicole's house, and Peter went to Denise's house. A few minutes later, they had all assembled, and Paige, Nicole and Denise started the fort, while Peter snuck into Jason's room, getting dart and water guns, and made some snow-bows. He then went to Paige's room and smelled all of her perfumes. After he came to, after passing out from the fumes, he picked the two that smelled the worst, and brought everything, along with a gallon of hot cocoa, to the newly made fort. After they made an insulated heat room in the fort, they booby-trapped the entire yard, and the back door. Then they waited.

Jason woke up at 8:00, and looked out the window. It was snowing!!! He ran downstairs, and ate a bowl of Radioactive Sugar Nuggets, and then started to go outside. "Wait," he thought. "I wonder if Paige remembers what I did to her last winter." He thought for a few seconds. "Naw." Then he opened the door....

Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter: Part 2, It Helps to be Prepared
Author: Ná-arâ

As Jason stepped out the door, he failed to notice the ever-so-well-hidden trip wire, planted in the snow outside the door. He did, however, notice it as his foot set it off.....

Back in the snow fort, Peter and Paige were anxiously waiting. "Hey, Peter, wake up! I think I see him up!" Paige declared. "Huh? What? WHAT? He's up?" he replied as he gradually got over the effects of waking up too early on a school vacation. "Quick, wake up the others. I don't want to miss Jason's face when he figures out what's going on!" Minutes later... "Ok, I think I see him coming out the door. Come on, Jason, hurry up! Open the door!"

The moment his foot hit the wire, of course, Jason knew exactly what was going on. Yet as prepared as he was for anything in that one instant, he was not prepared for a barrage of snowballs, aimed not at him, but at Paige, Peter, Nicole and Denise, all in plain range from the tennis ball launcher that was spewing out snowballs. "Now wait a minute! That wasn't supposed to happen!" screamed Paige, as soon as everyone had ducked behind the walls of the fort. "I aimed that thing directly at the door! Jason should be a walking snowman right now!"

Meanwhile, as Jason stared at the whole display of an unexpected attack, he knew just what to do, as he raced back inside and reached for the phone. After calling Marcus, he was just about to start dialing Eileen's number, when the phone rang. "Hello?" Jason responded. "Hey Jason, it's Phoebe. How'd you like the trip wire this morning?" "What?! YOU did that? But.... How did you know they would attack today?" "It's not like it's too hard. There's a fresh snow. It's not like they had much of a choice. In any case, I've already been over to your yard while they were building. I know the entire layout. When are you launching your attack? Should Eileen and I come over right away or what?" "That would be great. I already called Marcus, and he's on his way."

Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter: Part 3, Hard Work is Rewarded
Author: wacko2

Jason met with Marcus, Eileen and Phoebe at the arranged meeting place, behind the garage. "Phoebe, you said you had seen Paige and her army building the fort. Can you tell us about the fort?" "Sure," Phoebe said, unrolling a map she had drawn while scouting earlier that morning. Everyone huddled around and studied the map, which showed the main features of the fort and the locations of the booby-traps around the fort. "Ok, this is what we should do," Jason said as he pointed at the map...

Inside the fort, Paige was getting impatient. "Is Jason going to hide in the house forever?" she wondered. She wanted to get back at him for all the unspeakable atrocities he had committed against her last winter. "And I want to do it right this time!" she said to herself. What had happened with that tennis ball launcher anyway? Paige checked to make sure everyone was doing their jobs. Denise was making snowballs, and lots of them. Good. Steve was checking that all the weapons inside the fort were properly aimed and loaded. Good. Peter and Nicole were on sentry duty, though Peter looked like he was about to fall asleep again. "Wake up, Peter!" Paige yelled. "This is no time for a nap!" Peter jumped awake. "Sorry," he said, and went back to surveying the surrounding area. Now Paige felt ready for anything coming her way.

Or was she? Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a large snow missile splattered Paige from behind. Paige screamed as the freezing snow ran down her neck. "Battle stations!" she yelled. Paige turned around, and saw none other than Jason, her mortal enemy. "Ha! We'll get you now!" Paige said, then turned to her army, all at their posts now. "Commence firing!" A barrage of snowballs flew at Jason, who dived behind a nearby bush. "Give up, Jason! We outnumber you!" Paige called out. "Never!" Jason shouted back, making several snowballs to arm himself with. "In fact, I think you'll be in for a surprise... NOW!"

At that signal, snowballs seemed to come from every direction, all aimed at Paige and her forces. Nicole collapsed as several snowballs hit her. Peter was blinded when a snowball splattered on his face. Paige herself was hit twice, and she and the others ducked behind the protection of the fort walls. In short, everyone in the fort had been caught off-guard. "I expected Jason, but not Jason and an army!" Paige muttered, reflecting that you could never underestimate Jason. "Time for Plan B, guys! Break out the weapons!" she ordered. Everyone armed themselves with fully loaded dart guns, Super Soakers, and snow-bows. Then Paige stood up, and immediately attracted several snowballs in her direction. But she just grinned, and shouted, "Attack!"

Paige's forces stood up, and began pummelling Jason and his friends with their much-superior weapons. Jason received two snowballs in the face, thanks to Paige's snow-bow. Marcus got drenched with well-aimed Super Soaker blasts from Steve. Phoebe and Eileen found themselves covered with suction darts, as Nicole and Peter fired from close range. And Denise kept everyone supplied with ammo. Paige smiled. All her hard work and preparations were finally paying off now!

Under the coordinated attack, Jason and his army were forced to retreat. Jason was still in a state of shock. "They... they used MY weapons!" he sputtered. "How'd they pull that off? They must've stolen them from my room! I didn't think Paige was smart enough to plan something like that!" "Well, maybe Paige is starting to think like you," Eileen suggested. Jason got mad at this jarring comparison. "Never!" he declared. "We'll outwit Paige yet!"

Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter: Part 4, Never underestimate the enemy... (although it's never a good idea to overestimate your peers)
Author: FreevAmi

Denise was working hard, making snowballs and loading them into snow-bows, refilling the Super Soakers with Candi's and Tommy Girl, and making sure the suction darts were ice-covered. She grabbed for the water bucket... but it wasn't there! "Did someone take the bucket?" she asked, but got no answer. She felt around, but then smelled something... the trace of Radioactive Sugar Nuggets, and wool. She tried not to show that she noticed anything, and tried to go the other way. Suddenly, she felt something jabbed into her back.

"Ok, missy. You're coming with me," Denise heard a feminine voice say. Eileen? "Who are you? How did you get in here?!?" Denise asked, trying to stall. She pressed the Morse code button on the walkie-talkie under her coat. Snooky pie... come... help...

"You almost froze my Marcus, and you will pay! Get up!" Phoebe said. It was so easy getting in with the silenced flamethrowers that Jason had cooked up... no pun intended.

Denise slowly got up, and suddenly swung her arm, smacking Phoebe straight in the head. She fell, and Denise heard Peter coming. "Peter! In here!" Peter ran in, and turned to Denise. "What happened? I got your message!" "Phoebe attacked me! Is she unconscious?"

Peter started to walk over, but then Denise heard him start to scream, and a big "BAM!"

Denise felt around, and found her overturned bucket.

Paige heard a thump. She crept back to the room where Denise had been restocking their fuel. She peeked in, and saw Phoebe getting up. Denise was feeling around, and Peter was lying unconscious. "Denise! Look out!" Paige flung a snowball at Phoebe, who turned around, shocked to find her. Paige narrowed her eyes. "It's not polite to attack a blind person," she said. Phoebe laughed. "All's fair in love and- ugh!" She groaned as Denise took the empty bucket and hit her in the head with it. She fell to the floor, also unconscious. "We with the disabilities, however, can do whatever the hell we want," Denise said. "Come on, let's tie her up quick."

Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter: Part 5, The Interrogation
Author: wacko2

Paige, commandant of the snow fort, paced back and forth in the ammo storeroom. In front of her was Phoebe, who was now tied up and sitting with her back to the wall. Nearby, Denise attended to Peter, who had just woken up with a very sore head.

"Enemy spy!" Paige glared at Phoebe. "Where's the rest of your puny little army?"

"Why should I tell you?" Phoebe said with as much defiance as she could muster. Her head, too, was throbbing, thanks to Denise and the water bucket.

"Because if you don't tell me, I'll be forced to use this special mixture of Eau d'Amour and Tommy Girl." Paige grinned wickedly as she pulled out a purple bottle from one of the storage cabinets in the room. "Incidentally, I've been looking for someone to test it on."

"Don't even think about it, Paige," a voice warned from the doorway. Paige whirled around to see who it was. At the door stood Jason, with Marcus just behind him. Both boys held noiseless flamethrowers of the same type that Phoebe had used to enter the snow fort. Not only that, but both were armed with makeshift snow-bows.

Jason waved his snow-bow at Paige, Denise and Peter. "I suggest you drop that perfume bottle if you don't want to be splattered with snowballs," he said. "Now untie Phoebe."

Paige's mind raced furiously. How had the sentries allowed the enemy to invade the snow fort completely undetected? She would have to reprimand them later. But right now, she was the one who was in trouble, and she was holding only a bottle of perfume mixture, even though she was ironically standing in the middle of a room full of ammo. How would Commandant Paige get out of this quandary?

Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter: Part 6, The Perfume Plan
Author: wacko2

Paige looked at Jason and Marcus, who were standing at the entrance of the ammo room of her snow fort. They were both armed with snow-bows. Paige noticed that the snow-bows seemed to be hastily constructed, and could only fire one snowball at a time. A plan began to form in her brain. But if it was to succeed, Paige needed the help of Peter and Denise. She could only hope that they would catch on in time.

"All right, Jason, I'll untie Phoebe." Paige slowly put her purple perfume bottle on the floor and moved over to the wall where Phoebe was tied up. She began to untie Phoebe. But just when Phoebe was almost free of her bonds, Paige snatched a nearby Super Soaker lying on the floor and held Phoebe in front of her. "Now I've got a hostage! You'd better do what I say, or else Phoebe will get drenched with perfume anyway."

Instantly, Jason and Marcus swung their snow-bows over to Paige. "You're trapped in here, Paige," Jason said. "How do you think you're going to be able to get out of here without getting pummelled?"

While Jason and Marcus focused their attention on the hostage situation, Peter quietly grabbed two fully-loaded Super Soakers, and handed one to Denise. This was just the distraction that Paige had hoped for. Seeing this, Paige suddenly shoved Phoebe towards Marcus and Jason, surprising them both and making Marcus drop his weapon. "Fire at them!" Paige shouted to Peter and Denise.

Jason, Marcus and Phoebe suddenly found themselves under attack by three well-aimed, high-pressurized jets of perfume. Marcus quickly picked up his snow-bow from the floor and scored a direct hit on Denise. Peter responded by pumping perfume into Marcus' face, making him splutter and gasp. Jason fired his snow-bow at Paige, but it misfired, sending a snowball crashing against a covered bucket of perfume mixture and knocking it over. Perfume fumes quickly filled the air, making everyone cough.

Under the sustained perfume attack, Jason and Marcus abandoned their weapons and noiseless flamethrowers. They, along with Phoebe, ran madly out of the room and back towards the entrance they had made with the flamethrowers. Peter and Paige pursued them back to the opening, shooting at them every so often.

Once the invaders had fled the snowfort, Paige, Peter and Denise sealed up the opening in the snowfort's outer wall, and sprayed it with water to create an ice seal. "We've got their flamethrowers now, so they won't be burning their way through anymore," Peter said, puffing from all the exertion. "Yeah, but on the other hand, they seem to have knocked over most of our supply of perfume," Denise reported. "Well, never mind that," said Commandant Paige. "Let's go see how Nicole and Steve are holding the fort."

Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter: Part 7, Operation Suicide?
Author: wacko2

Nicole saluted as Commandant Paige reappeared on the top deck of the snowfort. "When Steve and I saw Jason, Marcus and Phoebe running away, we bombarded them with snowballs," she reported. "Good," said Paige. "But next time, you need to keep a closer watch on the outside walls of our snowfort!" "Sorry about that," Steve apologized. "We were too busy keeping an eye on Eileen across the street."

Without another word, Paige turned around and surveyed the situation. Jason and his army appeared to have retreated behind a snowbank on the far side of the yard. They seemed to be making a small fortification there. "Perhaps this is the time to attack," Paige muttered to herself. "Perhaps we should surprise them for a change, and launch an offensive against them." A plan began to form in her mind...

Meanwhile, Jason and his army were resting in relative safety after their flight from Paige's snowfort. "Hey, Eileen, you did a great job of distracting the sentries while Marcus and I rescued Phoebe!" Jason complimented Eileen. "Thanks, Jason, but next time I want to be part of the action!" "Don't worry," Jason answered. "We'll all be getting plenty of action soon. Now we'd better fortify this area, so we at least have something to defend us from Paige's attacks. Marcus and Phoebe, you guys build up the walls of this snowbank. Eileen and I will sneak back into the house through the back door, and see if we can get anything to make weapons out of."

For the next half-hour or so, as everyone on both sides got to work, things remained fairly peaceful aside from the occasional snowball thrown from Paige's snowfort towards enemy territory. But soon the battle would flare up once again, for Paige was now finalizing her plans for a devastating attack on Jason's forces. "This will be called Operation Kamikaze," she informed her troops, feeling rather pleased at actually putting something from history class into practice. "But doesn't 'kamikaze' mean suicide?" Nicole asked. "No, it doesn't! At least, I hope it doesn't. Oh well, I never could understand the history teacher anyway," Paige reflected. "Now, are we all ready to go?" Nods of assent all around. "Then let's launch Operation Kamikaze! Banzaaaaaai!!!"

With ear-shattering yells, Paige led her army in a rush towards the enemy snowbank. Using his snow-bow, Peter fired snowballs at Marcus and Phoebe with deadly accuracy, while Denise kept handing him more ammo from a large bucket. Screaming incoherently all the while, Steve sprayed the enemy with fire from two Super Soakers, one loaded with all the remaining Tommy Girl perfume and the other with water. Nicole was armed with a slingshot ("borrowed" from Jason's room) and a bucketful of snowballs. And Paige, of course, was directing the whole offensive line.

Phoebe ducked behind a wall as a snowball narrowly missed splattering her. She and Marcus were trying to hold the defense of the little fort they had built. "Marcus!" she shouted over the general din. "We can't hold out much longer!" Marcus nodded. If Jason and Eileen didn't return in time from the house, the war would be over very soon...

Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter: Part 8, Out of a Freezing Pan...
Author: Forrest Gump2

The snowballs pelted the snowbank walls. Marcus and Phoebe couldn't hold up much longer. Marcus was freezing from the water and Phoebe was pelted with so many snowballs anyone could mistake her for a snowperson. The snowbank reeked of perfume, and if Jason and Eileen didn't hurry up, Marcus and Phoebe would be toast! They had to fight back! Marcus noticed that the enemy's snowfort was unguarded and would be open for him to go in and grab some weapons that would gain enough time for Jason and Eileen to finish their mission. "Stay here!" Marcus ordered Phoebe, and he ran off behind the bushes. He scanned the area. Paige's army was too busy with Phoebe to notice him. He sneaked by Paige's army and ran inside their snowfort.

"Hand me that backup slingshot," Jason said to Eileen. She handed him the slingshot as he put the finishing touches on the scope. "This weapon will stop them dead in their tracks," Jason said, adding the slingshot onto the super weapon. "But what about the risk of Paige's army stealing it?" Eileen asked. "That's a risk I'm willing to take," Jason replied.

Marcus looked around Paige's snowfort. There were tons of weapons, snowballs, and Super Soakers lying around! He grabbed several pails of snowballs and two freezing water Super Soakers. Marcus snuck out of the fort and saw Paige's army still attacking Phoebe. He threw several snowballs which smacked Peter in the face. He soaked the rest of Paige's army with his Super Soaker. Than he tossed one to Phoebe who caught it and continued the assault. Marcus ran out of water and began pelting everyone (except Phoebe) with snowballs. A couple minutes later, he was down to only half a pail, and Phoebe was running low on water. Jason and Eileen had to hurry now!

Jason put the last screw into the weapon. "Is it done?" Eileen asked. "Yep. Now let's go finish off Paige and her army. This war is close to being over. And in a few minutes it will be over," he said.