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Walking in a Winter Warzone

Eagle of Austria's preface

All right. Most of you have probably read Death Fox in one form or another (if not, you can find the complete story at several fan-pages). Some of you have probably also read the beginning of crow t.'s sequel over in FFC. Well, here's the sequel to the sequel.

This story's installments are officially posted at Daniel Duterte's fan-page, Fun-Fun Mountain. Have a look at it; it's a great site, soon to be re-modeled.

I should mention that anyone is welcome to post chapters for this. Only here are the rules:

  1. Nothing kids couldn't get their hands on in reality.
  2. No far out gadgets, unless you have a detailed explanation of how they were built/acquired.
  3. Nothing disgusting.
  4. No excessive violence or serious real weapons.

wacko2's addendum

This series ended in spring 1999, but if you are interested in it and want to write a chapter, there's a sequel called "Walking in a Winter Warzone, A New Winter", also posted on this site. Anyone can add to the sequel; go look at it for more details.

I should probably also mention that the site Eagle of Austria was referring to, the second incarnation of Fun-Fun Mountain, no longer exists. Daniel Duterte joined with Jen to create a new site called The FoxTrot Network, where this story was also posted. However, that site is now closed too.

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 1
Author: Daniel Duterte

Part 1: A Surprise For Everyone

As Paige Fox woke up, a feeling of joy came over her. Her radio happily announced, "No school for everyone in the Hillsdale area." It had snowed something like 12 feet. As she shuffled through her dresser for clothes, she remembered there was a history test tomorrow. "Screw that," she said. "I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts." After a filling breakfast of eggs and toast, Paige stepped outside. Unaware of the danger, she absentmindedly stepped on a trip wire. Thirty pounds of snow were instantly dumped on her. She was really peeved at the moment. She knew just where to go: her enemy Jason's repaired base, the treehouse. As she approached it, she was assaulted with a complete arsenal of snow rockets and grenades. Jason and Marcus, up in the treehouse, grinned at each other. They were going to finish the struggle of Death Fox once and for all. Jason quickly manned the defensive snow guns and fired rapid successions at Paige, defenseless as she was. Marcus had his snow cannon station in action and took part in the shootout. Paige then remembered her flare gun. She quickly fumbled in her coat and pulled it out. Jason looked in horror. She shot into the cloudiness. Suddenly, through his bedroom window flew Peter. He had landed on the top of the treehouse. He was ambushing Jason and Marcus. He climbed around until he found a flimsy part on the fort. He punched it and made a big hole. He climbed his way through. He struck terror into the hearts of the partners in crime. "Abandon treehouse!" Jason squealed. Marcus joined him by opening a secret window and diving out. With Jason following, they dashed as fast as they could into the house. Peter, with a look of satisfaction, took out his walkie-talkie and announced to Paige, "Eagle Leader, this is Eagle 1. Enemy treehouse secured."

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 2
Author: Eagle of Austria

Part 2: If You Can't Be Prepared, Be Alert

Even as Peter spoke, Paige sprinted across the yard after the fleeing friends. "I've got you now!" she squealed, aiming a snowball at them as they sprinted across the driveway. "Jason, in here!" Marcus suddenly yelled, seized his friend by the collar, and ducked into the garage. Paige's snowball missed Jason's ear by a centimetre. Marcus spun around and slammed down the garage door. Even as it came down, several snowballs smashed into it. "Quick, help me!" said Jason, who had seized some rope and begun tying the garage door to the family car. In a few seconds, the door was firmly tied down. Just in time too, for Paige and Peter had reached the garage. Try as they might, however, they could not open the door. "Phew!" sighed Marcus. "That was close. So, what weapons do we have?" "Well, let me see," said Jason, rummaging through piles of tools and toys that lay on one side of their shelter. At length he brought out two loaded dart pistols. "That's all?!" demanded Marcus, frustrated. "How can we beat them with that?" "Well, our main weapon will of course be snow," began Jason. "Oh yeah, we do have one more weapon." He went into a corner, and brought out the family snow blower. "Ah, much better," said Marcus. "Oh, and how about those snow shovels? Can't we use them as catapults or something?" "Yeah, great idea," agreed Jason, "and I think with a little work we could modify the leaf blower over there to blow snow." Suddenly the friends heard muffled talking from the other side of the garage door. "Boy, Nicole, I'm glad you could come. See if you can help us here." Suddenly, the ropes holding the garage door shut began to give way. The door opened a few inches, and the faces of Peter, Paige, and Nicole, struggling to force the door open the rest of the way, came into view. Thinking fast, Marcus seized the two dart pistols and fired, hitting Paige and Nicole. The force sent them both toppling backwards into the snow. Peter groaned as he tried to open the door on his own. Now it was Jason's turn to think fast. He seized a can of spray paint, pointed it at the car, and yelled, "Peter, get back or the car dies!" Almost automatically, Peter sprang back. "Wow! How did you get him to do that?" asked Marcus. "Peter loves cars more than life itself. He could never stand to see one vandalized," explained Jason, slamming the door back down, and further securing it with rope. "Why is he on Paige's side anyway? He was a big help to us in our fight against Paige in December." "It was probably the iced driveway incident that made him change sides. And you know how easily he can be bought. Anyway, now that they have Nicole with them, we're outnumbered. How do we get reinforcements?" "I know! Dad's Mobytel cell phone!" Jason raced over to the wall, where the huge cell phone was plugged in. "I'll just call up all the boys and..." "Jason, no! The last time we had the guys from school here, it was chaos," reminded Marcus. "They'd never make an efficient army. Who else can we call?" "Hmmm... How about Eileen?" "Perfect!" exclaimed Marcus. "But hurry, we've got one heck of a battle coming!"

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 3
Author: Eagle of Austria

Part 3: The First Battle

Paige was climbing down from the tree house with her last load. Ever since Jason and Marcus had sealed themselves inside the garage, she, Nicole, and Peter had been bringing down Jason's battle equipment. They were turning the entire yard into one huge snow fortress. "Hey Paige, come over here!" hollered Peter. "We're gonna try another attack through the garage window," explained Nicole. "I'll be right there!" Paige called back, as she positioned a snow cannon. She then grabbed two snow-bows, and ran to join them. A snow-bow is an invention by Jason which shoots snowballs. Basically, you take a bow, and poke a hole through the middle of the wooden part. Then you put a stick through it, and super-glue one end of the stick to the string, and the other to a small cup. To fire it, you stuff the cup with snow, pull and release the string as you would with a normal bow, and out of the cup flies an instant snowball at 80 mph. Paige had found one of these deadly weapons in the tree house, and built another. She gave one of the snow-bows to Peter, and kept the other for herself. "Okay," said Paige, "we go in on three. One! Two! Three! CHARGE!" With one blow, Peter kicked in the window, without even shattering the glass. The combatants leapt into the garage, and one by one stumbled over some firewood stored there. Oops. As they crashed to the ground, Jason and Marcus leapt up. "Hold them off, Marcus!" Jason yelled, his mind racing furiously. "I'll sneak around from behind." With that, he flung the garage door open and ran out, pulling the snow blower behind him. In the meantime, Paige, Nicole, and Peter had regained their footing, and were charging at poor Marcus. Marcus did not even try to give battle, but threw himself on the ground. Paige and Nicole ran right past him, unable to stop quickly enough. Peter tripped over him, dropped his snow-bow, careened through the air, and crashed to the ground for the second time in a few minutes. Nicole and Paige were almost out on the driveway before they turned around. As they did, Paige leveled her snow-bow, only to be hit by two suction darts fired by Marcus. Her shot went wide, and flew right through the space where the window had been. This tipped Jason off that the action had moved. He quickly turned around and headed for the driveway. Suddenly, before she could even reload her snow-bow, Paige saw her friend engulfed by a downpour of snow. Jason had set the snow blower to Full Power. Nicole was screaming murder, and as Paige rushed to help her, she was beaned by a high speed snowball. Marcus had tied up the dazed Peter, and taken his snow-bow. Now, whenever one of the two girls tried to attack one boy, she was nailed by the other. Jason and Marcus seemed unstoppable. After about five minutes of that, the brutal assault suddenly ground to a halt. The snow blower was jammed. Paige looked around and saw three things. The first was Nicole by her side. The second was Peter tied to the yard fence. The third was the fact that Jason and Marcus, brilliant fighters, had methodically cut them off from their fort. Seeing no hope, for the snow blower had just started purring again, she turned to her friend. "Nicole, run!" Suddenly the girls started screaming like crazy, fleeing across the driveway, through their neighbors' yard, and out of sight, snowballs flying after them all the while.

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 4
Author: Maetoshi

Part 4: A New Weapon

After the girls had fled, Jason and Marcus were busy securing and adding to the girls' fort, which was now theirs. Marcus was adding giant snowballs to the walls, while Jason was busy digging tunnels with his snow cutter, a hand-held invention of his made up of tiny shovels set spinning by a motor. The finished fort consisted of one main fort with 4-foot walls, three igloo turrets, 16 hidden foxholes for attacking at any angle, and 2 hidden bases deep in the snow. All the sites were connected by secret tunnels. After the three hours it took to put all this up, the girls returned, setting up their own battle plan. They would dig mini-turrets in the snow across the yard and fill them with snowballs. They would then attempt to scale the walls of the main fort and, if forced to retreat, would use the mini-turrets as bases to defend against the enemy. As construction of the turrets began, a snowblower tube stuck up out of a foxhole behind them. For five seconds, snow poured out and doused the girls. Then the snowblower disappeared, and the foxhole lid (a chunk of ice) slammed shut. "What was that?!?!?!" screamed Nicole. "I don't know," said Paige. "Looks like the enemy has a new weapon."

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 5
Author: Eagle of Austria

Part Five: Stalemate

On the other side of Jason and Marcus's fortifications, another form of pandemonium was beginning. Jason, who had been on a foraging mission (i.e. raiding the kitchen of all the Ho-Hos), was screaming at Marcus. "How could you let them do it!?" he demanded. "How could you let them build a fort right under your nose?" Marcus glared at his friend and said, "In case you forgot, they outnumbered me two to one at the time. I couldn't exactly attack them or stop them." "You had all the snow weapons in existence at your disposal!" protested Jason. "Well," he sighed, "so much for directly attacking them. We'll have to resort to more diabolical methods. Bring me the prisoner." Marcus walked into the garage, and brought out Peter. Peter had been tied up like a chicken on a spit, and had a set of earphones taped to his ears. Jason had a Walkman wired to them, through which he could blast (god forbid!) classical music to his rock devotee of a brother. Jason and Marcus dragged their prisoner to the top of their snow wall, and Jason yelled down at his enemies, "Hey, Paige! Nicole! Surrender now or we blast Beethoven and Wagner to Peter and tickle him!" "Jason, no decent soldier uses torture!" yelled Paige. "Didn't you yourself tell me that all was fair in war?" Jason asked. The parley was interrupted by a voice coming from the driveway. "Jason, sorry I'm... holy schlamoly!" It was Eileen. Jason slapped himself on the forehead. How could he have forgotten her!? "Quick, Marcus, we have to save her!" Jason cried. At that moment, Peter saw his chance to escape. Since his legs were tied, he lurched head first at Jason, breaking the head-phones of torture, and sending Jason sprawling. Before he could hop away, though, Marcus clobbered him from behind with a snowball. As Peter toppled downwards, the snow rampart gave way, and he crashed into the snow blower. The snow blower's mechanism was damaged, and at the same time jarred into action. It sprayed snow everywhere, blinding Jason, Marcus, and Peter, and rendering them immobile. After several minutes had gone by, the snow blower finally completely broke down, and the blizzard stopped. Jason and Marcus quickly dragged a prostrate Peter back behind their fortifications, and set about repairing their walls. Just as they had finished, they heard Paige's voice. "Oh, Jason! I just thought you might want to know we have your girlfriend as a prisoner, so you might as well surrender." Jason was so alarmed by the news that the term "girlfriend" didn't even offend him. Besides, it wasn't too far from the truth. "Oh yeah?" he yelled back. "You're forgetting that we still have Peter!" "Just don't try anything funny!" the enemies yelled at each other in unison. Jason turned to Marcus. "Well, my friend, it looks like it's gonna be a long day."

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 6
Author: Eileen Jacob-son

"If you don't surrender in five minutes, we'll lower your girlfriend into the Pit of Perfume while blasting the Spice Girls and Madonna into her ears!" Paige yelled. "We've still got Peter!" Jason screamed. "Do anything to Eileen and you'll never see him again!" "If you'll let us talk to Peter first, we'll consider it," Nicole called."Only if you let us talk to Eileen first," Marcus put in. "Fine," Paige said, dragging the stick Eileen was tied to over to the wall. "I've got everything under control, Jason," she called."Uh, Eileen..." Suddenly, snow started rising in spurts from the area where there sounded like a fistfight had just started. "Told ya," Eileen said. Suddenly, Paige and Nicole broke out of the fort and headed for the hills. Eileen climbed slowly over the wall, rubbing at rope sores. She was followed by... Phoebe?!? Where had she come from? Marcus plucked something from above his head and hoped it was just a moth. "It being you guys, I figured it'd be a good idea to bring some backup," Eileen called. "Oh, Phoebe brought her family snowblower. It's in Paige's fort. We thought this might be another of your little wars." "I wouldn't call them little," Jason pointed out. "True," Eileen said. "By the way, I brought a little thing I put together. It's a waterproof remote control car that fires 24 missiles up to the size of small marbles. And I brought these miniature water balloons." "Great!" Marcus exclaimed. "With these, we can take down Paige and Nicole in no time at all!" "Unless they bring in Denise," Jason said thoughtfully...

"So you'll be right over?" Paige whispered into the Mobytel. "Those idiots took Peter prisoner? I'll be right there!" came the staticky voice...

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 7
Author: wacko2

Jason, Marcus, Eileen and Phoebe agreed to band together against Paige and Nicole. Since their enemies had retreated for the moment, Jason and Marcus used Phoebe's snowblower to bury Paige and Nicole's snow fort, while Eileen and Phoebe worked on making more snow ammo, including small snow missiles to be used in Eileen's remote attack car.

However, Paige and Nicole were not about to give up. They had phoned Denise and asked for her help, and Denise had agreed to come. The three girls were now planning their strategy. "Right now, Jason and his friends are demolishing our snow fort! We've got to come up with something to rescue Peter!" Nicole moaned. Paige suggested a lightning commando attack on Jason's snow fort. "If we surprise them, we can be in and out in just three minutes!" All three girls agreed on this plan, and Denise announced that she had brought a few surprises of her own...

Marcus put down his super-zoom macrobinoculars, which he had been using to spy on Paige, Nicole and Denise. "I can't make out what they're saying to each other, but it doesn't look good," he reported. Jason said, "We should come up with a plan to defend our fort then. Phoebe, you'll be in charge of the remote car attack. Eileen, you guard that side of the fort, and take all our waterballoons with you. Marcus, go to the turrets with the snow bows. There's a stash of ammo in the left wall. I'll get the... " here Jason grinned, "...super-secret weapon, in case anything bad happens. Oh, and we should put Peter in one of our secret bases, so they can't find him." Everyone agreed to do this, and Peter, after many threats of Mozart as the theme music for the battle, was finally secured in an under-snow secret base, where he was left tied up to a chair, unable to move. Everyone was now ready to 'do or die' in the ensuing battle.

Meanwhile, Paige, Nicole and Denise had agreed upon a plan of action. They now split up, each ready to do her part for 'The Great Rescue'...

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 8
Author: wacko2

The wary watchkeepers of Jason's snow fort were getting nervous. It had been a good twenty minutes since they had last spotted Paige's forces. "Where are they!?! I can't stand the suspense!" Jason said to no one in particular. "Well, maybe Paige, Nicole, and Denise decided to give up and leave us alone, because we're so well-armed," Phoebe suggested. "Not a chance! We've still got Peter," Marcus said. "If I know Denise, she'll do anything to rescue him."

"LOOK OUT!" Eileen, who had been standing watch, suddenly screamed. The others looked up in time to see Eileen get bombarded by a deluge of snow. "To battlestations!" Jason shouted. Everyone scrambled to their positions.

Paige and Nicole were attacking the snow fort with a hail of snowballs. From the turrets, Marcus fired snowballs at them with his snow bow. Eileen quickly got a missile launcher, one of Jason's inventions that operated using a simple coiled spring, and started launching her waterballoons at Paige and Nicole. She was rewarded with the satisfying splash of two water balloons hitting Paige and drenching her.

However, Nicole managed to sneak up to another side of the snowfort, and clobbered Eileen with a couple snowballs. Jason quickly grabbed his self-heating XL2000 Super Aqua water gun and squirted a long stream of water at Nicole, who retreated behind a tree.

Paige went to a bush and brought out an odd gadget that glittered in the sun. Jason gasped. How had Paige managed to steal the Heat Wave Fan from his room? Paige turned the machine on and grinned. Ransacking Jason's room for weapons, one of Denise's ideas, had proved successful. Super-heated air now blasted from the fan towards the snow fort. Nicole ran to help Paige, and together they began a mad dash with the fan towards the snow fort, which was already melting from the hot air.

Jason realized that Paige and Nicole were trying to heat their way into the snow fort, and he shouted, "All forces, attack with everything you have!" But nothing, not Eileen's waterballoons, not Marcus's snow balls, not even Jason's large-capacity water gun, stopped Paige and Nicole's advance into the snow fort. The hot air from the fan created a huge hole through which the girls entered. They continued their advance, melting so much snow that Marcus fell right through the decaying snow walls of the fort and onto the snow-covered ground. Jason wondered if this was truly the end...

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 9
Author: wacko2

Paige and Nicole advanced upon Jason and Eileen with the Heat Wave Fan. The fan blew scorching hot air, melting the snow walls and forcing Jason and Eileen back farther and farther into the snow fort until they were trapped between the invaders and a six foot high back wall. "Tell us where Peter is!" Paige demanded. "Never!" Jason shouted back at his sister. Nicole reached into her pocket and brought out a large perfume spray bottle. "If you don't tell us, we'll spritz all this perfume in front of the fan, and not only will you suffer from high-intensity perfume scent, you'll smell like you drowned in a vat of Eau d'Amour!" she threatened. Denise really did come up with some beautiful ideas, Paige thought, as Jason and Eileen cowered in terror at the threat.

Suddenly the fan died down, and at the same moment, a constant hail of tiny snowballs began pelting Paige and Nicole so hard that they dropped the fan and began to flee. Phoebe had come to the rescue with her remote-controlled attack car! From the turret where she had been hiding, Phoebe expertly manipulated the controls of the attack car, which fired dozens upon dozens of tiny marble-sized snow missiles at Paige and Nicole, who could not avoid being hit, no matter where they ran or how much they screamed. The little car, keeping up a constant attack, chased the invaders right out of the snow fort, all the way around the corner of the garage, where it went out of range of Phoebe's radio controller.

Marcus now rejoined Jason, Eileen, and Phoebe, who were cheering at the flight of their mortal enemies. "Looks like I pulled the plug on the fan at the right time," he grinned. "Yup, I've never heard Paige scream so loud before!" Phoebe agreed. But at this time, something odd struck Jason. "Paige and Nicole attacked us, but I didn't see Denise in the attack. Did any of you see Denise?" Everyone shook their heads no. "But where would Denise go, if not to rescue Peter?" asked Eileen. Jason thought for a while. Then suddenly a horrendous feeling came over him. "How could we have been so stupid?" he exclaimed. "Maybe, just maybe, Denise did do something while we were busy with Paige and Nicole. C'mon, we've got to go down to the secret base where we put Peter!"

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 10
Author: wacko2

Denise, who had snuck up to the back of the fort, reached the back wall and listened. She heard Jason shouting "To battle stations!", and grinned. Her idea was working perfectly. While Paige and Nicole acted as decoys and diverted the attention of Jason and his friends, she would rescue Peter. She put on a face shield, and started digging into the snow wall using a trowel and welding torch that Paige had gotten from the garage. The snow melted rapidly from the heat, and soon Denise was in one of the under-snow tunnels of the fort.

Denise walked down the tunnel until she came to a place where another tunnel intersected the one she was in. She stopped for a minute, trying to decide which way to go. Suddenly, she caught a faint scent, and smiled. Didn't Peter ever wash that pull-over he always wore? She followed the scent, going down the tunnel to the right, and soon found herself in front of a door, which she opened.

"Denise! Am I glad you're here!" Peter shouted. Denise had found the right room. "I'm tied up to this chair and I can't move!" Peter said. "Can you untie me?" Denise rushed over to Peter and with her nimble fingers soon had him untied. "Thanks, Denise! You wouldn't believe what those maniacs did to me!" Peter said, kissing Denise. "We should get out of here now though. No telling when Jason and his friends will be back here to check on you!" Denise said. They turned to the door, ready to leave.

Just at that moment, Jason, Marcus, Eileen, and Phoebe burst into the room. "Stay right there!" Jason commanded. "Yeah, or we'll blast you with our snowballs!" Phoebe added. Peter and Denise stopped in their tracks, and faced their enemies. There was no way out of the room now...

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 11
Author: wacko2

"Now we've got TWO hostages! We'll be able to get Paige and Nicole to surrender in no time at all!" Jason said, as he, Marcus, Eileen, and Phoebe surrounded Peter and Denise and held them at bay with their weapons. "Yeah," agreed Marcus. "There's no way Paige and Nicole can outmatch us, now that we've captured Denise as well as Peter." "Don't count on it!" Denise snapped back at Marcus. "Oh yeah? Wait until I put some snow down your back!" threatened Eileen.

Suddenly a large snowball splattered on Eileen's head. Jason turned around to see where the attack was coming from, and got hit by another snowball. Paige and Nicole were making a surprise counterattack! Denise, feeling that it was time to make her move, targeted the area where she had heard Eileen's voice, and managed to knock the missile thrower out of Eileen's hands. Peter wrenched away the watergun that Marcus was holding and began to shoot at Jason. Phoebe, overcoming her surprise, threw a snowball at Peter, just missing him, while Eileen recovered and tossed the last of her waterballoons at Paige. Nicole whipped out her perfume bottle and sprayed Eau d'Amour all over Eileen. Eileen staggered back at the scent and accidentally tripped over Marcus, who was making a snowball. Jason dodged a spray of water coming from Peter, grabbed Marcus's half-made snowball, and threw it at Peter, making him drop the watergun. The watergun fell at Denise's feet, and she picked it up and unerringly blasted a shot at Phoebe, who was drenched completely.

Jason looked around, and saw the situation he was now in. Peter had picked up the missile thrower, Denise had the water gun, Nicole had her perfume spray bottle at the ready, and Paige was armed with several snowballs, and they were all advancing on Jason and his friends, who now had no snowballs or other weapons left. In short, the tables had turned. Jason began to lose hope. Had he lost the war after all?

No, there was one thing left to try. The secret weapon. The last-resort, Hail-Mary, absolute-final-hope secret weapon. This should at least surprise them, Jason thought, as he reached into his pocket...

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 12
Author: wacko2

Jason furtively took the secret weapon out of his pocket and suddenly threw it right at Paige! A green object flew in the air and then landed on top of Paige's hair and clung there. It was Quincy! Paige dropped her snowballs and screamed. "AAAAAHHHHHH! Get him off me! Get this stupid lizard off my hair!!! Ow! Ow! He's pulling my hair!" While Paige was dancing around and screaming and attempting to remove Quincy from her hair, Jason dashed forward and knocked the missile thrower out of Peter's hand. The missile thrower immediately broke into pieces on the floor. "Run for it!" Jason shouted to his friends, running towards the exit.

Marcus made a dash for the door, only to find Nicole in his way. Nicole spritzed some perfume on Marcus, choking him. Eileen and Phoebe ran past Denise, who fired water at them with the water gun as they passed. The girls were too fast, though, and Denise's shot hit Nicole right in the face, blinding her with a spray of water. Marcus followed Eileen and Phoebe out of the room, barely dodging a tackle by Peter.

"Oh, we almost had them!" Peter groaned as he got up from the floor. "Shut up and help me get Quincy out of my hair!" Paige yelled. Denise and Nicole got Quincy to release his death grip on Paige's hair, while Peter found an empty snowball storage canister. "We'll put Quincy in this container, so he can't get away," Peter said. "If I know Jason, he'll be back for Quincy. Then we'll really give it to him and his friends!"

Meanwhile, Jason, Marcus, Eileen, and Phoebe were gathered in the snow fort's other secret base. "It'll be a while before Paige and her forces find their way through the secret tunnels, so we should be safe here for now," Eileen said, catching her breath. "They'll eventually find us, though. What should we do?" Phoebe asked. "Well, they've got Quincy now. Who knows what Paige will do to him, once she gets him out of her hair!" Marcus said, still wrinkling his nose at the smell of perfume on his shirt. Jason became worried about his little green friend. "We just have to get Quincy back somehow!" he exclaimed.

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 13
Author: wacko2

Peter, Paige, Nicole and Denise were still in the first base. "Jason and his goons escaped from us, and we don't know where they went! What should we do now?" Nicole asked. "I think we should hunt them down and give them everything we've got! They deserve it, after everything they've done to us!" Paige said, still livid about the attack on her by Jason and Quincy. While Paige continued ranting about lizards and little brothers in general, Peter was examining the missile thrower, seeing if it could be repaired. He stood up and shook his head. "Nope, the missile thrower's broken for good," he reported, dropping it onto the floor. "And there's almost no water left in the water gun," Denise said. "You mean to say the only weapon we have left is the perfume spray?? How will we be able to attack Jason and his friends?" Paige demanded, going into a frenzy. "Well, we could always make more snowballs," Nicole suggested. But Peter shook his head. "No, we won't go and attack them. They've got us outmatched with their weapons and they know the snow fort a lot better than we do." "So what do we do?" Denise asked. "Well, we've got Quincy here," Peter said, picking up the container and looking at Quincy. "Jason will want to get Quincy back. So we'll go somewhere else in the fort, and make Jason and his friends come to us. We'll lay a trap for them and get them that way." Everyone agreed that this was a great idea, and they left the base to carry out their plan.

Meanwhile, in the second base, Jason was also coming up with a plan of action. He rummaged around in the secret hidden storage locker and brought out two snow bows, two rubber dart guns, and plenty of ammo. "Eileen and I will go to the first base and see if Peter, Denise, Paige, and Nicole are still there. If they are, we'll trap them in there with these snow bows. If they aren't, we'll keep looking for them until we find them. Phoebe, you'll scout the whole snow fort to make sure that they don't have any more surprises for us. Take one of the dart guns with you. And Marcus, you know what to do!" Marcus grinned. "I sure do!" he said, taking the other dart gun. Jason went back to the locker and brought out four extra-loud signal whistles. "Everyone take a whistle too. If anyone finds Paige and her army, blow the whistle once. And if you get in trouble, blow twice! All right, we're ready now. Let's go!"

Walking in a Winter Warzone: Part 14 (The Wheel Grinds to a Halt)
Author: Eagle of Austria

Jason and Eileen slowly snuck through the yard. Suddenly Jason heard a crunching in the snow. "Eileen, was that you?" he asked. "Was what me?" asked Eileen. "No, it was us!" came a cry. From a tree above them, an avalanche of snow tumbled, burying them. As they dug themselves out, they saw Peter and Denise above them. Weakened by the blast of snow, they gave up without a fight. Around the corner came Paige and Nicole. Paige was dragging a chained Marcus behind her, and Nicole a tied-up Phoebe. "Looks like your little plan failed, didn't it?" cackled Paige. "Marcus!" Jason screeched. "Quick! Use Weapon X!" "What's Weapon X?!" demanded Paige, seizing Marcus by the collar before he could make a move. "I'll never tell you," Marcus said with remarkable calmness. "In that case, we'll dunk Quincy in perfume," said Nicole. Jason's face first flashed with horror, then sagged with defeat. "It's in his coat pocket," he sighed. "All right, let's see it!" ordered Peter, reaching into Marcus's pocket. "Oh my god, it's-" Before Peter could finish his sentence, Andy and Roger stepped out the door. "What are you kids DOING!?" demanded Andy. "It's barely light out and you're tearing the yard apart!" "Ummm, having a really big snowball fight?" said Peter. "Peter!" Roger exclaimed. "You can't do that!" "Oh, daddy," groaned Paige, "can't you let us have fun once in a while?" "No, no, that's not what I meant," explained Roger. "But it's spring. No more snow." "It's not spring!" exclaimed Jason. "We're knee-deep in snow out here." "Not here," said Andy, "but where the people who are writing this thing live." "You mean the real world?" "Exactly. Sorry, kids, but you won't be able to go on with this until December 21."

And so the story reaches a standstill. What is Weapon X? Will Quincy be saved? What about the parents? Will they mediate or join in? Save your ideas, because next winter these and other questions will be answered. In the meantime we can rest assured that our favorite comic characters will this spring be spared the fate of walking in a winter warzone.