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Star Fox

Star Fox 1: The Mission
Author: Maetoshi

Captain Jason and Lieutenant Marcus's ship cruised through space. As members of the Galactic Defense Army, their mission was to determine the location of the Paigion battle line. The Paigions were the Galactic Government's worst enemy, making constant ruthless raids on outer planetary zones. Very recently, a civilian ship sent an emergency message from an unconfirmed location that thousands of Paigion ships were moving in the direction of the semi-inner star system of Fox. That ship was destroyed by an unknown weapon suddenly, so the Defense Army never got the whole message.

"Departing from Fox," blared the Defense computer interface. Marcus flicked it off just as Jason entered the bridge. "Anything yet?" "No, let's hyperspace to megaquadrant 98769 now. That's next on our list." Nothing there. "98654." Nothing. "Ok, this is impossible, but try 96356, right by Fox." The ship alarm blew up as the superquadrant radar screen clogged with blips of gigantic Paigion battlecruisers. And five were rocketing straight towards them.

Star Fox 2: The Battle
Author: Maetoshi

The huge Paigion battle cruisers moved in closer until it appeared that they might even destroy the Galactic warship by colliding with it. Jason immediately activated the ship's defense features. A turret fired, blasting part of the upper battlestations of a Paigion ship away, and rapid fire guns and light missiles pounded away at the hull of the same enemy ship. Several heavy missiles launched and detonated on an enemy battlestation. But their attacks failed. Powerful lasers fired and blasted huge holes in their ship. Space cadets Eileen, Phoebe, and Quincy rushed onto the bridge. "Emergency!" screamed Eileen. "We HAVE to get out of here fast!" shouted Phoebe. "chew, chew, chew" was the sound of Quincy eating the main control panel. The five of them dashed through the halls of the ruined spaceship into escape pods. The two escape pods, one containing Eileen, Phoebe, and Quincy, the other containing Jason and Marcus, were shot out into space just as the ruins of the spaceship were cleared away by a nuclear missile barrage. The five huge Paigion ships returned to the main line. And the Paigion line's location had not yet been sent to the Galactic Defense Army base on Fox 3.

Star Fox 3: Of all the planets to land on...
Author: Maetoshi

The sky over Fox 3 was turned black as huge Paigion ships filled the sky. Alarms went off. The people were in a state of total chaos. Galactic troopers rushed out of barracks to try to restore order and stop the Paigions. But suddenly, thousands of perfume bombs were dropped, detonating and sending a choking pink fragrance over the ground. Hordes of residents dropped like leaves. Then millions of Paigions, who for some strange reason, all looked like teenage girls with ponytails, dropped into the city by parachutes and charged the troops, who were taken completely by surprise. Supreme Galactic General Hawkins managed to escape in one of his star battleships.

Eileen, Phoebe, and Quincy plummeted through space at light speed, until their ship slowed down upon reaching the outer orbit of a planet. They began their descent. They landed on top of a Sears outlet. As they crawled out of their ruined pod and looked out over the surface of the planet, Eileen almost fainted. Thousands of Paigions churned through courtyards and into stores as far as the eye could see. Of all the planets to land on, they were on the Paigion capitol, the mall planet Fashion Outlet World.

Star Fox 4: Trapped!!!
Author: Maetoshi

Eileen, Phoebe, and Quincy were immediately noticed. Hundreds of Paigions rushed up stairways toward them. They drew and fired their nuclear water pistols, but the army of Paigions kept on coming until they were right on top of the three. "Quincy!" shouted Phoebe, but it was too late. Quincy had vanished. Eileen and Phoebe were doomed. The Paigions had reached them.

Deep in the heart of a huge black starship, a screen flickered and flashed before clearing. Supreme Admiral Nicole and her Paigion aides watched this screen. "That is the enemy." Nicole said, pointing to the tiny escape pod shown gliding through space on the screen. "That enemy is the very most dangerous of our enemies, they are the only ones who have the weapon that can destroy us. We will be sure that that enemy goes to the right place." And she fired tractor beams at the pod, altering its course.

Within a tiny escape pod, Quincy appeared, brought there by the transport collar attached to him, the receiver of which had been activated by Jason. "There!" said Marcus. "I finally got the navigator screen in place. Let's see where we're heading." They were shocked when they saw that they were heading toward the docking bay of a Paigion battle cruiser.

Star Fox 5: The Battle
Author: Maetoshi

The battle cruiser loomed huge on the pod's screens as Jason and Marcus, horrified by the sight, watched. Artillery blasted it, causing it to burst into flame as it passed through the air-containing force field that surrounded the docking bay. They bailed out of the escape hatch just seconds before it barreled into a viewing window, blasting several rooms out of the wall. They dropped into a swarm of Paigion troops. They opened fire on the enemy with nuclear water pistols and used rocket packs to escape to within a defense turret (used by Paigion troops to fire on intruders). They immediately shot the occupants of the turret, activated the turret guns, and opened fire on the advancing Paigion mob. (The turret shields protected them from the hail of laser beams pouring down on them.) Jason hurled a bomb into the Paigion forces, killing dozens of Paigions, blasting a hole in the floor, and revealing a web of passageways leading through the ship. That instant, the last remnants of the turret shields were blasted to smoke. "The hole! It's our only chance!" shouted Jason as he put a force field shield around himself. He and Marcus fled toward the bomb crater.

Star Fox 6: Escape!
Author: Maetoshi

Jason and Marcus made a break for the hole. They dove in, followed by hordes of Paigions. Horrible laser beams narrowly missed them, blasting apart nearby walls and doors. Suddenly, they came to a very abrupt stop before a huge steel door. "Quick, bomb it!" shouted Marcus over the roar of gunfire. Jason hit the door with an anti-barricade bomb, blowing it to flying debris and choking smoke. They rushed in and what they saw surprised them. Tightly packed starfighters filled most of the room. There were controls for choosing fighters to be used and unpacking them. They picked a fighter (a Battlestar micro war fighter/bomber) and got in. But instead of taking the subspace portal to the dock, they flew it back into the ruined door. They used the ship's kill-all anti-troop poison blasts (because the ship's primary anti-troop poison, perfume, couldn't kill Paigions). They activated the ship's energy shields and bombarded the hallway with fusion microbombs. As they approached the docking bay, hordes of Pierre battle droids marched and flew around them, firing explosive perfume poison canisters. But before the terrible poison could hit them, they used a Nicolon Space obliterator to destroy the attacking army. They blasted their way toward the fuel storage area and set time-release bombs. They then hurriedly flew out and blasted away the docking bay force field and took off into space with a cloud of Paigion starfighters after them. As Jason looked back, the gigantic Paigion battle cruiser blasted itself into oblivion.

Star Fox 7: Defeat
Author: Maetoshi

Eileen and Phoebe stood at the edge of the Pit of Perfume. The Paigion guard behind them poked them with her Pierre-gun, a rather nasty nerve gun that knocks you out and makes you dream for anything from 2 hours to several weeks about romance. The two of them stared into the pit below them, with the perfume swirling and twisting in mind-bending patterns. Suddenly, the nicely-disguised conveyor belt beneath them launched them forward and they toppled towards the pit.

The little fighter/bomber blasted at incredible speeds through space with a massive fleet on its tail. The pursuers were closing in fast. Perfume force-guns and Paige-O-Lasers had blown away its left wing missile-launcher and its top rocket fin, and several high-speed matter-seeking missiles were closing in on its engines. "Quick!" Jason barked into the communicator. "Send help!" The message was sent.....

They received a string of commands which they carried out immediately. However, nothing happened. The first missile arrived and smashed their left wing, sending the little ship spinning out of control. Another missile hit, this time blasting a crater in the left side of the fuselage. Marcus looked at the electronic condition report lights. Most of them were out or changed from green to red. However, one labeled "ETS" was flashing, which meant it was about to be started. Three missiles tore apart the right side of the ship. Six more missiles hit amid enemy lasers, cutting the ship apart. The remaining bits burst into flame and scattered apart in a long trail of debris.

Star Fox 8a: Arrival
Author: Maetoshi

Supreme Admiral Hawkins grimly eyed the 3D SR screen on his instrument pad. He recognized the objects: huge Paigion battle cruisers and small fighters, tiny dots on the screens buzzing around. As the LR screen indicated, they were the nose of a larger fleet. A noise came from the door contact system. He turned around. The room was spacious and clean. There were computers all over the walls, but no one else was in the room to man their control pads except unmoving Quincybots, locked into the ultraviolet communications ports. Hawkins walked to the door, opened it and faced the new arrivals.

Star Fox 8b: Preparation
Author: Maetoshi

Jason and Marcus entered the room. "We found out the coordinates of the invaders." "So did my SR (Short Range) sensors," replied Hawkins. "That close? You'd better get the defenses moving." An alarm sounded and Hawkins began barking orders into his communicator."Activate main baseguns! Dispatch microfleet!" On the outside, the battleship, locked into position on an asteroid, was in hurried preparation. Gunports of all kinds were opening, from tiny light tracers to gigantic multi-missile launchers (MMLs). A large door opened and a fleet of small ships and fighters poured out of the docking bay. Hawkins and the two newcomers glared down at the SR sensor screen. The attackers were getting closer. The first arrivals were a horde of Paigion fighters. The Federation microfleet plunged into the cloud of fighters, delivering devastating losses on the attackers before finally being forced to retreat. The Paigions proceeded to attack the battleship, but countless guns forced them back. Hawkins noticed that the SR screen was beginning to show that Paigion battle cruisers were beginning to enter the very close-range screen.

Maetoshi's Explanation:

OK, I'll explain it. Jason and Marcus destroyed a Paigion battle cruiser and escaped seconds before their ship was destroyed using an ETS (Emergency Teleport System). They were beamed into the star battleship of Admiral Hawkins, a Federation (anti-Paigion) leader. The battleship has been converted to a star base and is under attack from a fleet of Paigions. For further information, see the upcoming chapter "Star Fox 9: The Siege".

Star Fox 9: The Siege
Author: Maetoshi

The battleship's energy shields couldn't take the stress of the lasers firing on them from the powerful battle cruisers bearing down on it. Inside the control room: "Run!" shouted Marcus as a light with the letters "EVACUATE" lit up. The three officers fled the Main Command section just as a bomb carrying explosive perfume caused the control room to collapse. They escaped to the personnel section of the ship, where the secondary control center was. All of the crew were called to the personnel section, and the doors between that section and the rest of the ship were sealed off after everyone was inside. They prepared that area as a bomb shelter.

Meanwhile, across the galaxy...

Eileen and Phoebe toppled into the pit and splashed into the toxic perfume. Suddenly Phoebe saw a spot in the rocks where she could climb back up. She grabbed Eileen and the rock at the same time and they climbed slowly upward.

Star Fox 10: Battle Plans
Author: Maetoshi

In the brightly lit meeting room, Admiral Hawkins and Commanders Jason, Marcus, Morton, and Peter discussed their battle plan. "OK," said Hawkins, pointing at two spots on a holographic map of their ship. "These areas are the main command areas and the tail turrets. Perfume bombs have hit them and the air is poisonous. Now this area," he said, gesturing toward an area around the tail of the ship, "is the engine segment and the lower aft turrets. The power is out. And these areas up here are the upper battery and turret areas. Paigion troops have captured them." He then assigned the four commanders and groups of troops to their missions. Marcus was to lead a small group through the main vertical passageway (obviously guarded heavily by Paigions) as a decoy, while Jason was to ambush the Paigions attacking Marcus with a much larger group from a hidden passageway in the ship. Morton was to command a group going through the small forward passageways to prevent Paigion advance. Peter was to lead a group to occupy the rear passageways, kill any Paigions he saw, and slowly advance to take the top turret area. Hawkins was to defend the personnel section with a large group until Jason gave a signal to advance. The groups each set out on their own missions, knowing that their very lives were in danger.

Star Fox 11: Power Struggle
Author: Maetoshi

Marcus's forces marched up the steep passageway. He surveyed the distant end of the passage, but no Paigions were visible. He trudged further up until he was forty feet from the end of the passageway. He looked again. Still nothing. Suddenly, light burst seemingly from nowhere as Paigion troopers jumped into the hall and fired Pierre blasters. Marcus jumped to the floor just milliseconds before a beam roared over his head. A soldier behind him took the blast head-on and crashed to the floor, knocked out by the blast and now dreaming about romance. Five others were also hit. The remaining nineteen and Marcus opened fire with lasers and nuclear waterguns, laying waste to the advancing forces. But they were outgunned five to one. Suddenly, a Pierre-blaster hit Marcus. He crashed limply to the floor. The remaining ten soldiers grabbed him and pulled him and the other injured into a room along the passageway and locked the door. In a hidden hallway lined by doors to several parts of the ship, Jason and about 150 Federation troops waited in complete silence. Why isn't Marcus signaling me to come? thought Jason. It's been forty-five minutes since we left the personnel section. When will he signal me? In the room, voices conversed above the roar of Paigion lasers cutting the door apart. "They're coming around." "But how? Pierre blasters last a minimum of two hours!" "The Paigions must have have had a low supply of mental stimulant. Come on, let's get armed. We need to stop the Paigions when they break through. Or at least slow them down." As Marcus woke up, he instantly remembered the need to signal Jason and did so. At that moment, the Paigions broke through the door and poured into the room.

Star Fox 12: Out of the Not-Quite-so-Silent Planet
Author: Maetoshi

Eileen and Phoebe reached the edge of the pit and jumped over. The guards instantly fired. Eileen jumped out of the way and grabbed a guard's gun. Phoebe ran for the door of the room while Eileen opened fire on the guards. All of the guards were soon on the floor, dreaming about romance. As they fled the room, Phoebe noticed something. A Paige Battle Transport was parked near the door. "See that over there?" she asked. "Let's capture it." There was no one in the vehicle. They quickly got in and drove off into the streets of Fashion Magazine City. They knew their destination. The spaceport. The blare of sirens was soon audible as transports charged after them, guns blazing. The transport containing Eileen and Phoebe picked up speed and roared off, sweeping left and right among city blocks to lose their pursuers. Once they finally reached the spaceport, they made a break for the main entrance, getting inside just as enemy transports drove into sight. They dashed down the hallways, Eileen's gun blazing. They reached the liftoff site, where a a Paigion cruiser stood ready to take off. They ran aboard, gunning down all of the unarmed crew and armed soldiers that they found. They reached the cockpit. "Are you sure you know how to fly this thing?" Eileen asked Phoebe. "I think so. Oh, here are the liftoff and hyperspace systems." As soon as they were in space, the hyperspace system catapulted them light-years away.

Star Fox 13: Quincy
Author: Maetoshi

Now we jump back in time to find out what happened to Quincy.

Quincy dived off the Sears building in fright. He toppled downward 20 feet before being grabbed by Paigions. A mass scream filled the air when they realized what they were holding. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Get that thing out of here!!!!!" The iguana was thrown into a metal box and taken onto a spacecraft carrying him and Paigion troops out into space. The Paigions knew that he was a cadet of the Federation, and planned to use him as a hostage in their attack. He was taken onto a giant starbase, and taken to a line behind other hostages. After about half an hour, a report came in. "They haven't surrendered. Kill all the hostages." One by one the hostages were shot dead, until only Quincy remained. He was put up to a wall, and the Paigion soldier in front of him held a high-powered laser rifle. Without warning, the Paigion's finger pressed down on the trigger.

Star Fox 14: Declaration of War
Author: Maetoshi

Just as the Paigions burst in, Jason and his forces marched into the hall to meet the enemy menace. Marcus and his force were trapped inside the tiny room, but were fighting their way out. Suddenly, the air filled with laser beams as Jason's squad attacked the Paigions. Finally, Marcus broke free and joined the attack. The Paigions were trapped. Finally, as the battle ended, the Paigion toll was 48 dead, and 169 injured, fleeing, or captured. The trap for the Paigions snapped shut as Peter and Morton moved their forces in to secure the upper turret and battery area, as well as the Paigion battle cruiser docked there. They had won the battle.

Eileen and Phoebe piloted their cruiser nearby. Eileen pointed to a screen. "See? There's the planet. We'll just fly right down and land. Then we'll be able to report back." "Sure." Phoebe pulled back on the throttle, sending them hurling right into a wall of steel.

Just as the main force was ready to march out to join their comrades in the defense, Hawkins glanced at a screen. Several hundred new blips were flying toward the Paigion fleet. Hawkins recognized them as the Federation starfleet. The Federation had declared war.

Star Fox 15: Total War
Author: Maetoshi

The two fleets collided. Soon the titanic clash of forces spun off into dozens of small battles. Federation cruisers were quickly moving in powerful lasers, blasting many of the enemy battle-cruisers to bits. Tiny robotic Paigion drones menaced the Federation fleet with their ever-persistent attacks, but multi-missiles took care of them. The battle raged on.

Eileen and Phoebe's ship crashed into the Paigion command battleship. Luckily for them, the autopilot had kicked in and slammed on the brakes just as they were about to crash. And they were in the heavily insulated cockpit of their cruiser. They prepared their weapons and advanced into the crater created by the blast, toward the tunnel system.

The crash shook the Paigion battleship. In the execution chambers, the blast knocked the gun out of the Paigion's hands. Quincy began to crawl toward the door.

On Fox 3, Federation ships blackened the sky. Paratroopers poured onto the surface, completely annihilating the Paigions there. In the sky, the battle continued.

In the Federation battleship, troops poured into the captured Paigion battle cruiser. They took off, steering toward the Paigion command battleship...

Star Fox 16: Chaos
Author: Maetoshi

Eileen and Phoebe slowly moved through the dimly lit portal of the Paigion command ship. Suddenly, a horde of Paige-O-Troopers burst out of a previously unnoticed door and opened fire on the two. Eileen and Phoebe pulled out their plasma bazookas and opened fire. They laid waste to the enemy army, but there were just too many Paigions. They fired their last shots and hurled the bazookas into the advancing mass. "Run!" screamed Eileen. They hurried off into the hallway.

Quincy crawled through a back hallway. Suddenly, he heard a distant voice. He continued crawling. Soon, the sound became clear. "Paigions, this is your commander. Occupy all battle-stations immediately." He then crawled into a nearly empty main hallway, as sirens blared. Then, he saw a sign on a large door that changed his plans entirely.

Jason, Marcus, and an army of Federation troops moved closer to the command base in a captured Paigion battle cruiser. Then, a voice spoke from the communicator. "PBC 1045, please give docking password or be blasted to stardust." Jason thought fast. "Um...shopping?" "No. That was incorrect. Prepare for destruction."

Star Fox 17: No way out
Author: Maetoshi

Eileen and Phoebe fled down the hallways, fleeing a hail of laser fire. A Paigion death squad suddenly burst out of a door in front of them. They were trapped. "Over here!" yelled Phoebe, pointing to an open ventilation grid. They dived down into it, and entered the dark, dank world of passageways with a lingering smell of perfume that was the Paigion ventilation system. It appeared that there was no way out.

The captured Paigion battle cruiser came under fire. Its shields were quickly eroding. It pulled up to a docking bay and unloaded the entire squad of troops. Suddenly, the laser fire blasted the battle cruiser to dust. They were trapped.

Quincy opened the door (marked "command base"), and crawled through. He looked around. Twenty-five guards were defending Admiral Nicole. He silently crept around the room, and in a desperate attempt to attack, the little iguana grabbed Nicole's face and hung on for dear life. Suddenly, Nicole burst. The explosion spread a cloud of nerve poison into the guard unit, killing them. Apparently, Paigions had an aversion to iguanas. Quincy left the room - right into a horde of Paigion guards.

Maetoshi's Second Explanation:

Paigions are seriously allergic to iguanas. If they come into contact with certain breeds of iguanas, they can be rendered catatonic or even explode. The latter is what happened with Nicole.

Star Fox 18: Close Combat
Author: Maetoshi

The Federation combat squads poured out of the docking bay, entering the maze of passageways making up the Paigion starship's interior. Then, all at nearly the same time, hundreds of doors all around the maze burst open, unleashing squads of Paigion troopers. The Paigions were emptying their reserves of troops, bringing thousands of Paigions out into the open to attack the invaders. The two groups were nowhere near equal, and the battle appeared hopeless for the Federation. But the Federation troops fought on, inflicting a large toll on the living waves of Paigions.

Eileen and Phoebe crawled through the dark hallways for hours, until they finally reached a grate. They carefully began to remove it, when a group of Paigions advanced down the hallway, carrying Quincy by the tail. They opened fire through the grate with small laser guns, killing the group of Paigions carrying Quincy. Quincy, seeing his chance, leaped onto the neck of a Paigion trooper, pinning her down and grabbing her gun. Grasping the gun in his paws, Quincy opened fire on the Paigions guarding him. The gunfire, coming from two directions, confused the Paigions. In the end, eight Paigions were dead, with the rest scattering down various passageways. Eileen and Phoebe removed the ventilation grate, came out, and picked up Quincy. They were reunited at last.

Star Fox 19: Grand Finale
Author: Maetoshi

Half an hour later, casualties had mounted. Paigions lay dead everywhere. The advancing Federation forces had driven the survivors to the central Command region of the ship. As the Federation troopers burst in, one of the Paigions pressed a button. A button marked "self-destruct"...

Out in space, the last of the Paigion battle cruisers burst into thousands of charred pieces of metal. The few remaining smaller fighters and cruisers turned back to their own home worlds. Only the cruisers would survive the trip, however. The fighters would eventually run out of fuel, and float around in space until their resources ran out.

"The command starship will be exploding in 30 seconds!" shouted a voice over the intercom. The 130 remaining Federation troops, including Jason, Marcus, Quincy, Eileen, and Phoebe (who had met up earlier), Morton, Hawkins, and Peter, looked for a way out. "29" They marched down a hall to the information index. "28" Jason found a map. "27" Escape pods were located. "26" However... "25" They were at the other side of the starship. "24" Internal transporters were found. "23" As the troops beamed to the escape pod vault, they did not count on the Timespeed technology of the transporters. "22-21-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11" They got out. "10" The troops rushed to the escape pods. "9" Everyone got into them. "8" The pods started up... "7" And launched away from the starship. They could still hear the countdown over the extracom system. "6" "5" "4" "3" "2" "1" The starship burst into billions of tiny pieces.

The tiny fleet of escape pods flew toward the green world of Fox 3. The galaxy had been saved. The Paigions were defeated. But for how long?