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Snow Fox

Snow Fox: Part 1
Author: Bryan

'Twas the day after Christmas, and on the white snow
Lay Jason Fox, awaiting his foe.
For just last night, he had made a snow trap
For his evil big brother, with the blue and white cap.
Not moving an inch, Jason lay flat,
For over the hill, there was a small hat.
He stared at the hat, making sure of its shape,
Then crept to his target (with a roll of duct tape).
Now close to his target, he climbed up a tree,
And he unrolled the tape with a cackle of glee.
But one thing the prankster did not yet know
Was that Peter demolished his trap made of snow.

Snow Fox: Part 2
Author: Bryan

As he watched, he discovered that over the hill,
The hat was not moving. "It's just staying still..."
He waited and waited and finally gave up,
And climbed down the tree, like a curious pup.
To his horror, he saw that the hat he had watched
Was on top of a snowman. His plan had been botched.
He then started running in a frenzy of fear,
Now very suspecting his brother was near.
He was pelted with snowballs, they made a "WHACK!" sound.
And as Jason ran, he fell to the ground.
He saw his big brother, triumphant with glee,
And co-planner Paige (with her five-dollar fee).
They took him inside and made him do chores
(Ones which they found to be ginormous bores).
At first he resisted and tried to escape,
But then they threatened his X-Files tape.
His brother had victory within his large hands,
And Jason would have to meet his demands.
While he took out the trash, he saw his snow cannon,
And while he worked, he started a-plannin'.
He got the snow cannon and positioned it right,
Then fired, and started the war of the night...

Snow Fox: Part 3
Author: Bryan

As Peter was watching an old cartoon show,
The window was shattered with a huge ball of snow.
He screamed as the snow and the glass soared in,
But what bothered him most was: its target was him.
His screams were cut short with a mouthful of snow
(Or in Jason's terms, frozen H2O).
As Jason outside was reloading the gun
For more of his very own Jason-Fox-fun,
He watched as his sister Paige opened the door,
And to her surprise was knocked to the floor.
He ran for his snow trap and did some repairs,
While Paige and her cohort ran back upstairs.
They looked inside closets for weapons of war,
Found suction dart guns, then crept out the door.
Paige was equipped with a Model-11,
Peter was ready with a Blaster-X7.
They headed towards Jason (who was in plain sight)
And readied their weapons, preparing to fight.
Paige crawled in the snow (commando-like style)
And Peter was scouting, as he walked with a smile.
He walked by a tree, then hit a trip wire,
And looking surprised, was hit with a tire.
He was knocked down a pit full of snow and debris
While Paige, looking startled, crawled around on her knees.
She fired her dart gun, but Jason dodged quickly.
For the old-sibling side, the war looked sickly.
Then Peter recovered from his fall in the pit,
Then fired his weapon, and Jason was hit.
He was knocked to the snow, and defeat was now near,
But instead of retreating, he let out a cheer.
For as Peter, Paige, and their dart guns were ready,
They suddenly found that their feet were not steady.
They fell through the snow and down a deep hole.
The great war was done. Jason now had control.
As he walked to the hole with a grin on his face,
"What was that!?" Jason said. "You call that a chase?
I could run circles round the both of you two!
Why, you only made it to half of stage two!"

Snow Fox: Part 4
Author: Bryan

While Jason was gloating, Peter loaded a dart
(Extra darts were on sale at the local Wal-Mart).
But before he could fire and make his escape,
Jason pulled out a roll of duct tape.
Peter knew that one shot would set them both free,
He fired, but missed and the dart hit a tree.
"Now THAT is bad aim," Jason said to the cretin.
"It looks as though you and your cohort are beaten."
He continued to tape, then when he was done,
He looked towards the house, and took off at full run.
Peter pulled at the tape, and it ripped just a little,
Then it ripped some more, then straight down the middle.
He tore off the tape and climbed out the hole,
Then took off his shoe (his old Dr. Scholl's).
Peter threw the shoe forward (its target was Jason),
And while Jason fell down, Pete was still chasin'.
It had hit Jason squarely on the back of his head,
And if Peter caught up, Jason knew he was dead.
He got up and ran, but Peter was faster.
In terms of their speed, Pete was the master.
He ran to the tree fort and climbed up the ladder.
Pete then heard Paige call, then thought, "Doesn't matter."
He ran to the tree fort and looked up inside,
Then was hit with five snowballs (all mixed with bleach Tide).
You see, the tree fort was much more than before,
It had ice walls and snow guns, and snowballs galore.
He ran to the house, but was stopped in his tracks
By another of Jason's large snowball attacks.
He was buried in snow, but he pulled himself out,
And now Paige's call sounded more like a shout.
He tried to get in, but Jason still fired.
Though buried in snow, Peter's strength never tired.
He got out again and ran to the car.
In terms of escaping, Peter knew he was far.
He locked the car doors, and looked for the key.
Two wrappers and change were all he could see.
And while he was searching, the window had cracked.
A keen sense of caution was what Peter lacked.
He looked out the window and up at the sky,
Never suspecting that things were awry.
As he searched for the keys, the window then shattered.
This was their dad's car, and it really mattered.
With an ice pick in hand, Jason just stood there,
And Peter's expression resembled a bear.
He grabbed his young brother by the scruff of his collar,
And now Paige's shout sounded more like a holler.
Peter locked up his brother, and climbed up the stairs,
Now feeling like he had locked up his cares.
He ran to the T.V. and continued his show,
Now just a memory, this battle of snow.

Snow Fox: Part 5
Author: Bryan

He then heard a sound, like an opening door.
Of the battle of snow, he wanted no more.
So he took out his dart gun and fired some shots.
They flew through the room, and hit some old pots.
Peter then watched in horror as his parents walked in,
And then threw his dart gun inside the trash bin...
Peter was punished for his terrible crimes,
And Jason cleaned toilets almost twenty-four times.
Paige had been freezing outside for three hours.
Andy thought she was dead, and had gotten some flowers.
And so all was happy... well, some things were sad,
Like the fact that their house was destroyed just a tad.