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House Wars

House Wars: Chapter 1, Nightmares
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Grog Malblood raised his sword high above the elf's head. The creature shivered with fear as he screamed out in rage. But before he could flinch, an arrow pierced his side. As his life drained away, he turned toward his killer - a redhead with a ponytail. All he heard was-

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Jason Fox. Then he realized it had been a dream. Sighing in relief, he lay back down.

"And here comes Paige, the greatest (and hottest) fashion designer in the world!" Cheers of joy came from all around her as she walked across the long carpet. Behind her followed several models showcasing her designs. Lights and cameras flashed so brightly she had to put on sunglasses. But suddenly, the cameras stopped flashing. A familiar voice now rang out. "Paige Fox is UGLY and her designs STINK!" New cheers, not of joy but of scattered agreement, rang loud. Paige then saw the shouter - a 10-year-old boy with glasses smiling from ear to ear-

"AAHHHHHGHHHHH!" Paige awoke, her heart still pumping madly as she sat up. Her eyes flashed as she thought of the dream. She would do something about Jason. She would have to.

House Wars: Chapter 2, Strife
Author: Blacktamuanda33

And something she did. The next morning, when Jason got out of bed, he opened his clothing drawer and saw...

"QUINCY!!!!" But as he looked closer, he saw it was not Quincy who was hanging from the top of the drawer. It was an old stuffed iguana with a message attached to it. It read:

I'm warning you!
You will fall!!!!!

Jason either knew or had a pretty accurate guess as to who had sent the letter. Paige, he thought. He took off his pajamas and put on a pair of black shorts and a 'DS9' T-shirt. He grabbed a small dart gun off the shelf as he strode downstairs, glancing around cautiously. As he entered the kitchen, he smiled to himself. All he would have to do would be to launch a rocket-

But then Jason glanced outside. He groaned as he saw the rain falling. Perhaps this will take a little longer than I thought, he said to himself.

House Wars: Chapter 3, Nicole
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Nicole knocked on the door of 1254 North Elm Street. She held a dart gun in her hand (which Paige had told her to bring), but she didn't know its purpose. She had loaded it to 'full', again following Paige's instructions. As Paige opened the door, Nicole saw that she, too, had a dart gun. It was much larger, so she had probably stolen it from Jason. Nicole entered the house cautiously as Paige lead her to the TV room. As Nicole entered, she saw that others had arrived: Linda, Morton Goldthwait, and Susie Johnson. "Now that we're all here," Paige said as she sat down on the couch, "let's begin..."

House Wars: Chapter 4, Allies
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Marcus only lived about a block away from Jason's house. He wouldn't mind walking through the rain, especially if it meant torturing Paige. Getting other allies would be difficult for Jason. He could get Eileen, but Paige would tease him. Morton Goldthwait would never go against Paige. Most of his classmates thought he was a freak. That meant he would have to make do with what he had: himself, another ten-year-old, and an iguana.

It was much easier for Paige. Within minutes, she had assembled enough people to play a game of rounders. They had each been given codenames, designations, and even weapons. Paige was powerful.

But she had forgotten one thing: Jason had stolen Eileen's math book.

House Wars: Chapter 5, Arrival
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Eileen and Marcus arrived at 1254 North Elm Street at 7:30 am. Marcus rapped on the door and said, "Jason, it's us." But when the door opened, it was not Jason who greeted them but two of Paige's troops. "What should we do with them?" said one. "They look like they might be Jason's friends," said the other. Grabbing the duo by the wrists, they led them to Paige's hideout. As they turned the corner, Eileen cast a questioning look at Marcus. All Marcus did was nod. In an instant, Eileen had kicked the dart gun out of her oppressor's hand, distracting Marcus's guard long enough for him to do the same. Keeping their aim on the two teenagers on the floor, Marcus and Eileen hurried up to Jason's room.

House Wars: Chapter 6, Planning
Author: Blacktamuanda33

When Paige heard the news, she grabbed a full-sized dart gun and shot it at the two failed soldiers, missing on purpose.

Meanwhile, in Jason's room, the four troops were planning.

"We should attack them in full," said Marcus.

"No, then they could easily ambush us," Eileen shouted.

"NO!" Jason shouted. "We need to wait. They will believe, now that we're together, that we'll attack them. However, if we stay here, they'll eventually tire out."

"But so will we," Eileen pointed out.

"Not so," answered Jason. He kicked over a small box and out fell-

"5,000 gumballs!" Jason declared proudly. "Filled with sugar, Red Dye #5, and all sorts of other chemicals that will keep us alert."

House Wars: Chapter 7, Paige's Secret Weapon
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Paige had spent nearly an hour building it.

It was huge.

It was beautiful.

Paige believed it would be the salvation of her army.

For Jason, it was the end of his.

It was a dart gun - that was true - but it was so huge that Paige instead called it...

The Death Dart.

As three of her soldiers brought it upstairs, Paige felt she had won.

But she hadn't...


House Wars: Chapter 8, The First Strike
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Quincy was on patrol.

Actually, the role of being on patrol was reserved for Quincy.

Anyway, as he sat there, the Iguanacam firmly attached to his head, Paige approached with her Death Dart. Quincy saw it, though it was far away, but it was so large he saw it from where he stood.

As the Death Dart drew closer, Paige shouted, "STOP! We are in close enough range to hit."

Quincy scurried back inside Jason's room, where Jason, Marcus and Eileen were discussing physics formulae. As soon as he saw Quincy, though, Jason stopped talking and pulled a laptop out from underneath the bed. "Marcus, play back Quincy's findings."

House Wars: Chapter 9, The Death Dart
Author: Blacktamuanda33

"So... Paige has created a huge dart gun. This must have happened recently, so-"


"It's too late! They've begun to fire!" screamed Eileen. "Quick! To arms! To arms!" shouted Marcus as the squadron ran out.


Another of the Death Dart's huge pieces of ammunition narrowly avoided hitting Marcus. In retaliation, Marcus fired four darts at Paige's troops, causing several to back away. But Marcus was merciless, firing a round of darts that lifted several of the attackers straight off the ground.

But Jason was hit by one of the Death Dart's attacks and was knocked towards the bannister. Paige squealed with delight as she headed towards him, a dart gun in her hand. But as she drew up the weapon, Quincy ran in front of his master to protect him. "Get out of the way!" Paige shouted angrily, trying to focus on Jason. But then she ran out of patience and fired madly.

Quincy was knocked off his feet by the force of the dart. He was hit so roughly that he skidded for a second, then twirled for an instant before he fell.

"QUINCY!!!" Jason cried.

House Wars: Chapter 10, Aftermath
Author: Blacktamuanda33

As this was happening, Eileen shot at the Death Dart head-on, damaging its spring. Paige heard the fire and turned around to see what had happened. Seeing the damage to the Death Dart, she cried out, "Retreat!" and her troops headed back to their base, with Paige following quickly behind. Jason hoped with all his heart that Quincy was alive, but deep within himself he doubted this.

"Curse that damned iguana! He got in the way of my perfect shot! And that girl! She damaged my Death Dart! And that boy! He dared to fire at my troops! And-" Nicole came up behind Paige and said, in a slightly worried voice, "Paige, you really should calm down." Paige glared at her for a moment, then her expression softened. "You're right. Morton," Paige said, "begin construction of a new Death Dart." Morton bowed and replied,"Of course, your loveliness." He then hurried off. "Annette, I want you to take Lisa and Rosalyn and keep those brats worried." "As you wish, Paige."

Upstairs, Jason was thinking while his friends chatted about the situation. "Don't worry," Jason smiled. "My parents will be home soon." But then, a phone rang. "That must be them telling me they're right around the corner." He crawled, commando-like, to his brother Peter's room. Peter was sleeping. "How can he nap through this?" Jason muttered as he picked up the phone. "Hello?" he said smugly. "Hi, Jason. Bad news, your father and I are stuck at the hotel, so we won't be home for a few days at least. Peter's in charge! Um, Jason? ..." But Jason had hung up. His parents would not be home for days, he was stuck with Paige, and a sleeping teenager was in charge. Could he have lost this time?

House Wars: Chapter 11, The Mission
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Day 2, 7:03 pm - Last night, Marcus snuck out to get supplies. I spent the night awake, even when it wasn't my turn for guard duty. I was thinking of a plan. Soon, Paige will probably have repaired the Death Dart. I need to be prepared. That machine is amazing.

Day 2, 8:00 pm - Marcus says that some of Paige's troops are drawing closer. I am worried.

Day 2, 10:00 pm - WE'RE UNDER ATTACK! HELP!

Day 3, 1:00 am - I have volunteered to spy on Paige. The outcome of this war depends on it.

House Wars: Chapter 12, Under the Moon
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Eileen stared into the darkness as Marcus yawned. "What'cha thinking about?" he mumbled sleepily. "My parents will be getting worried," Eileen answered. She sighed. "Poor Jason. He has to put up with this almost every day." "Yep. And I help him." Marcus yawned proudly. Just then, Eileen noticed something.

"Oh, Marcus, you've got a mark." This was true, but Marcus couldn't see why she cared so much. "It's all right," he said, slightly shaking his head. But Eileen drew nearer. She was much too close now. And then-

Later, Marcus didn't exactly remember what happened. But he knew it was a turning point in his life.

House Wars: Chapter 13, Vengeance
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Jason had one goal in mind: revenge.

Paige had gone too far in killing Quincy. Now, he would defeat her. Now was the time.

Jason's fully-loaded dart gun was strapped to his back, along with a pack of vanilla-flavored gum. He had always thought vanilla-flavored gum was like poison, so when he went on a mission like this, he always carried some in case he was caught.

He saw his first victims standing outside the room where his dad usually did his taxes. Raising the weapon above his head, he fired out two shots. But that was enough.

Paige was lying on the couch in the TV room, watching an episode of 'Star Search'. Four guards stood outside the entryway, each carrying a large dart blaster. Jason slithered across the floor, finding a hiding spot behind a desk. He knew he would attract too much attention, so he took a single piece of gum out and rolled it on the floor. "What's that?" one guard asked. As the sentries bent down to examine the object more closely, Jason pulled out his dart gun and whispered, "Nobody move." The guards were too scared to retaliate. They stayed there as Jason advanced upon his nemesis.

House Wars: Chapter 14, Duel
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Paige smiled slyly as Jason entered the room. Turning the TV set off, she turned to face her foe. "Greetings, Jason," she hissed as he glared at her. "I know why you're here. You've come to avenge that iguana of yours." Jason aimed his dart gun and fired, but Paige was too quick. She dodged the dart and fired her own. But Jason was just as skilled. He caught the dart in his hand before it touched him. Loading the ammunition into his own weapon, he began to circle Paige. The siblings' hatred for each other went way out of control. They each started firing madly at each other. But then Jason heard the clattering of approaching feet. He would have to stop this duel...

...for now.

House Wars: Chapter 15, Paige's Council
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Paige sat at the head of the table, surrounded by her best troops. To her right sat Nicole, to her left sat Rosalyn. "Evening," she said lazily. "We have gathered here to plan. Morton, is the Death Dart complete?"

"No, your excellency. But it will be ready in a few days." Paige growled silently. "Very well. We will have to carry out our next attack without the Death Dart. Now, to discuss formation: Rosalyn, I want you standing by my side." Rosalyn saluted. "Nicole, I want you to coordinate the elite troops." Nicole saluted. "Annette, I want you to guide the first attackers." Annette saluted. "Lisa, I want you to sneak up on them and get the girl- she could make a good troop." Paige cackled madly, then raised her glass. "To Jason's defeat," she bellowed. "To Jason's defeat," the others echoed.

House Wars: Chapter 16, Taboo
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Jason opened the door to his room stealthily. Eileen was asleep at his desk and Marcus was sitting, deep in thought. Jason saw that Marcus had been waiting and went to greet him. "Hey, Marcus," Jason whispered. Marcus looked up. "Hey, Jason," he said. "So, what did you do while I was gone?" Jason asked. Marcus shifted uneasily. "WELL?" Jason interrogated him. He then noticed a small mark near Marcus' wound. Jason gasped. "You didn't!" he hissed, pulling out his gun. Knocking Marcus to the ground, he screamed, "HOW COULD YOU?!" Jason's eyes watered. Marcus' did as well. He, too, pulled out his gun. "Give me ONE REASON not to shoot you!" he cried. Jason's gaze intensified for a moment, then softened. He laughed. "We're having a fight over a girl, and we're 10 years old." Marcus laughed too. "Let's get to planning, old buddy." They sat down on Jason's bed. Jason laid out a sheet of paper and began to write down calculations for his next plan. Nearby, Eileen smiled.

House Wars: Chapter 17, The Second Battle
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Marcus saw the enemy troops from the minute they arrived on the floor. He quickly turned his head towards his few allies and said, "Let's go."

"Halt!" cried Annette. "Get down! Ready the projectiles!" She smiled as she saw her troops obey. She was just biding her time, after all. She could take on Paige. The battle began in a flash as the first teen went down. Marcus and Jason streaked across the hallway, firing at every enemy they saw. But as they drew closer to the invading forces, a dart hit Marcus in the head, at such speed that he was knocked to the ground.

Rosalyn laughed insanely. She had hit one of Jason's best friends in the head and knocked him to the ground. If this didn't crush him, God alone knew what would.

Eileen, hearing the sounds of battle, saw a blue flag arise out of the crowd. She picked up her dart gun. It was time.

Nicole saw Eileen leap out from her spot behind the hall table and gritted her teeth. "FIRE!!!!" she screeched, and a wave of darts flew towards Eileen, but she was too quick. Aiming the projectile at Nicole, she pressed down on the trigger.

But as Nicole went down, two darts hit Eileen in the head. On the other side of the battlefield, Jason was not optimistic about his fate. He had been cornered near the edge and was outnumbered. Marcus and Eileen were unconscious, and he was losing his own quickly. Picking up his weapon, he fired into the heart of the crowd and heard a cry from a familiar voice. But then everything disappeared.

House Wars: Chapter 18, Captive
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Two shots. That's all it took.

The teenage girl was only about as tall as Jason, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes were wide as she shivered. Then she heard a cry. A girl, much younger than herself, was sobbing about something. Sitting up, she saw that the girl was speaking to the unmoving - but alive - bodies of two ten-year-old boys. Suddenly, the girl noticed her. "You," she called, picking up a dart gun. "Get over here." She stood up nervously. "I'm taking you with me..." The girl raised her gun high in the air, and fired. And the teenage girl knew she had lost.

House Wars: Chapter 19, The Interrogation
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Paige's fortress, 7:30 pm.

Paige yawned happily. She had won a battle. Jason had lost. It was that simple.

Or was it?

A messenger suddenly arrived with terrible news.

"Paige," she said, out of breath, "Mindy's been captured."

If there was one thing that made Paige angry after a victory, it was a loss.

Eileen, dragging along the limp bodies of Jason and Marcus, led Mindy to the room. Mindy breathed nervously, as she always did, but this time it was extra-nervous. Eileen dropped Jason and Marcus on the floor, sat down in a chair, and pointed her dart gun at Mindy. "What do you know?" she asked aggressively. Mindy stared at the weapon for a moment, then fell onto the floor and sobbed.

"Paige - she's really scary," Mindy cried. "She asked me to help her defeat you and - IT WAS REALLY SCARY!!!"

Eileen jumped as Mindy screamed. "What did Paige make you do?" she asked in a calming tone. Mindy sniffled for a moment, then replied. "Sh-she told us to attack anyone who was less than 5 feet tall," Mindy said, "except Morton and I." Something clicked in Eileen's brain.

"What's Morton doing?" she asked. Mindy looked up at her. "He's rebuilding the Death Dart. Why?"

But Eileen wasn't listening.

Jason yawned, then opened his eyes. Eileen was watching him compulsively. Jason felt shocked. "Why -yawn- are you looking at me?" Eileen sighed. "That's not important. What is important is that Paige has nearly rebuilt the Death Dart." Their eyes met, then Jason fainted.

House Wars: Chapter 20, The Beginning of the End
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Sweat beads dropped from Eileen's face. By using her own super-epoxy, she had been able to climb up to the ceiling, waiting for the Death Dart to arrive. When it did, she had a wrench.

Paige smiled smugly as the Death Dart climbed up the stairs. This was the battle to end the war. She was certain of it. Suddenly, Brigadier General Rosalyn gave the order to stop. The army halted as Annette raised the mouth of the weapon.

Eileen, using cat-like instinct, dropped from the ceiling onto the machine. Taking her wrench out, she unscrewed the lid of the weapon. This is too easy, she thought as the hatch opened, revealing the machinery underneath the surface. Kneeling down, she had almost disabled the cannon when she heard an alarm. The Death Dart obviously had a security system. Then, thousands of tiny dart guns sprouted from the machine. Eileen had to run. But even her strong-willed heart couldn't withstand the onslaught. Wounded, Eileen fell off the cannon onto the floor. Phase One of Paige's master plan was complete.

House Wars: Chapter 21, Brother to Sister
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Jason held his dart rifle at the ready. Paige was advancing. He slowly arose from his place and cried, "WATERLOO!!!"

He ran into the onslaught, hitting soldier after soldier. Marcus ran behind him, taking down the others. But Jason wanted Paige.

"I'LL GET YOU!!!" he shouted. Paige suddenly appeared and fired a dart into his side. But he wouldn't fall this time.

He fired at Paige's stomach and wounded her. But Paige healed quickly. Taking out a Dart-zooka, she fired at Jason and grazed him. But that was enough.

Jason fell to the ground. Paige walked towards him, laughing evilly. As she aimed her gun, Jason prepared for defeat. But he didn't have to.

"Quincy!" Jason said in massive excitement. Quincy had landed on Paige's head, obstructing her vision. All he needed was one good shot. The dart soared towards Paige, hitting her chest and knocking her to the floor. Jason stood, dignified, but then a stray dart hit him in the head.

House Wars: Chapter 22, War's End
Author: Blacktamuanda33

At more or less the same time, Marcus fired a large dart at the Death Dart. Destruction was imminent. Paige's troops ran, not towards the base but towards the door. The war was over for certain this time.

Quincy jumped up on Jason's head. "Good to have you back, Quince," Jason whispered.

Marcus strode towards Jason with a gloomy expression on his face. "Here we are, alive again," he sighed.

"Don't worry, man," Jason said. "The war's over. Rejoice."

And they did.

House Wars: Chapter 23, Paige's Last Stand
Author: Blacktamuanda33

Nicole's forehead ran warm with sweat as she advanced off of the battleground. The casualties had already begun to mount as several darts flew into the faces of Paige's troops, forcing a small retreat. Paige, running next to Nicole, saw the dart attached to her friend's face. It was an easy shot, since Jason was only a few feet away. But it had been a good one all the same. As they ran, a small, bruised girl jumped up and fired a round into the crowd. Paige had lost the House Wars. Jason had won. It was as simple as that.

House Wars: Epilogue
Author: Blacktamuanda33

An hour later, Paige's forces surrendered.

To solidify the peace, Jason and Paige made a treaty declaring that:

  • The plans to the Death Dart would be destroyed.
  • Dart guns other than size 1-3 would not be allowed in house warfare.
  • Everyone who knew about what happened under the moon on a certain night would forget it... (Jason added this one.)

Eileen, Mindy and all others who had been wounded recovered.

Six months later, snow fell outside the window as Jason and Marcus played a session of Dungeons and Dragons. "I can't wait for the trip," Jason said. "I can't wait to see your cousin in person."

"Yeah," Marcus replied. "He's pretty cool." A smile spread across Jason's face. "Do you still have your dart guns, Marcus...?"