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Jason and the Argonauts

wacko2's notes

The story "Jason and the Argonauts" used to be located in the FTDA under Cerebral Cortex >> Other FoxTrot Topics. This series was deleted by sysop, though. Actually, I hadn't worked on it since May 1999. But who knows, maybe I will resurrect it someday.

Jason and the Argonauts: Part 1
Author: wacko2

Once there was an intrepid band in Greece
(In that land of philosophy and thoughts);
They were seeking the wondrous Golden Fleece;
They were called Jason and the Argonauts.
The members of that band were young of age;
The head of the group? Jason was his name.
The others: Marcus, Peter, Steve, and Paige,
Nicole and Quincy, all headed for fame,
Great riches and glory (or so they thought);
But what strange wonders ahead of them lay?
And where should they go? These things they knew not,
But they started their journey anyway.
They set out one fine day, calm as could be,
On their voyage to find the Golden Fleece;
For whether they went by land or by sea,
They knew they would find it somewhere in Greece.
For seven days and nights they travelled on
Until at last the Great Sea they did reach;
And 'twas at this time that they came upon
A sailing ship that was moored on the beach.
Jason talked with the ship's owner: "Can we
Buy it for a hundred pieces of gold?
We need a ship to travel the Great Sea."
The owner agreed; the Argonauts bold
Now had a large boat of their very own.
Then said Paige, "Now is the time to decide
Where to go, for by the Minotaur's bone,
In the morning we must sail with the tide."
And Steve suggested, "Well, why don't we go
To the city ruled by Roger the King?
From him we can get the latest info;
He'll be glad to help us with anything."
To this, all the Argos quickly agreed,
And started their sea voyage the next day.
With the wind behind them, they made good speed,
And reached Roger's palace the fourth of May.

Jason and the Argonauts: Part 2
Author: wacko2

Before the palace the Argonauts stood;
It was a palace beautiful and grand,
Made of whitewashed stone and timber oak wood,
It was the largest palace in the land.
Jason led his friends through the iron gate,
And they came before a huge golden door.
Paige knocked on it, and after a short wait,
A servant, standing on a marble floor,
Opened it, and brought them before the King.
King Roger was balding and middle-aged;
He sat on a throne of silver and gold.
Many long and tough battles had he waged
With bowls of peanuts and mugs of beer cold.
As a result, he had a pot belly
Caused by partaking of the finest food,
And it would shake like a bowl of jelly
Whenever he got into a bad mood.
King Roger stood up, and walked towards Steve.
"Welcome, friend! It has been two years, and more,
Since the last time I saw you, I believe;
So, Steve, what are you and your friends here for?"
"We would like to know if you have any info
On the whereabouts of the Golden Fleece.
We are looking for it, and as you know,
It's the rarest treasure in all of Greece,"
Steve said. King Roger pondered over this,
Walking back and forth on the marble floor.
"Why, yes, my friend, I do know where it is,
But there is something you must do before
I give you its location. For, you see,
Many have sought it, but none have found it.
I'll not give such knowledge so easily!
Yes, there is only one way around it,
You must work for the knowledge. Only then
Will I tell you where the Golden Fleece is."
And Marcus said, "Just tell us where and when,
We'll do anything for you, just for this!"
"You are the bravest souls in the nation,"
Said King Roger, sitting down in his seat.
"Before I can tell you the location,
There are five tasks that you must first complete."

Jason and the Argonauts: Part 3
Author: wacko2

"Five tasks!" Nicole exclaimed. "But what are they?"
"And how will we do them all?" Marcus said.
"Well, I'll explain them all to you today,"
King Roger replied, scratching his bald head.
"And the rest will be up to you, my friends.
First, you must get the Sacred Chain of Life
From the Gryphons of Sparta, those foul fiends.
But be wary; they thrive on death and strife.
Second, from the Oracle at Delphi,
The answer to these questions you must get:
What is the way to happiness, and why
Do we often live life with such regret?
Third, to the island of Crete you must go,
And seek out King Minos' evil daughter.
She is very cunning, a worthy foe;
And from her you must obtain the Water
Of Knowledge, which I desire to possess.
Fourth, to Ephesus you must then proceed;
There you will find Artemis, the goddess
Of hunting, and ask her for what I need:
One of her hunting bows. So scarce is meat
In the forests around here, that I fear
The people will not have enough to eat.
And the last task to complete, my friends dear,
Is to bring back my dear wife from the dead.
In a sad accident her soul was hurled
To Hades some years ago," Roger said.
"Therefore you must go to the underworld,
And get Hades to release her somehow.
Those are the five tasks I have set for you;
I will give you everything you need now,
And I wish you luck in all that you do."
The next day the Argonauts departed
In their ship, loaded full with provisions;
And thus the brave group, their voyage started,
Sailed to Sparta, the first of their missions.