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A Calvin School Day

A Calvin School Day
Author: Checkmate

In math, Calvin wondered about his teacher Miss Wormwood. He had decided to pass the time wondering which ways his teacher would ruin his life today. As soon as Miss Wormwood passed out the test, she demanded that they get to work. As Calvin sat staring off into his desk, one boy in the row behind him creaked his chair. It made an ugly scratching sound. "Get up," said Miss Wormwood. The boy sheepishly got up out of his seat and walked up to the teacher's desk. "You are about to see," said Miss Wormwood, "the importance of heavy working without distractions, and what happens if anyone does not abide by this rule." She opened a drawer from out under her desk, and retrieved a gun. She aimed it at the student, who jumped in surprise. POW! The student slumped to the floor and started dripping blood on the carpeting. Miss Wormwood took out a paring knife, laid the dead person on his back, and started cutting a slit through his stomach! The other students watched in horror as the teacher opened the boy's body like a coat. Miss Wormwood lowered her lips to the corpse, and started gnashing and chewing at the insides. She slurped up the boy's innards and patted her tummy as if to say it was very tasty. She said, "Now you can see the importance of a quiet classroom. No distractions are a virtue." Calvin immediately started to work on his test, imagining his own self being opened up and devoured. He glanced at the blood on the floor. It started oozing in the creases in the carpet. A nasty stench filled the room. He continued working. Adrenaline rushed through his blood stream.

The school bell rang. The students jumped in surprise. Calvin joined the crowd rushing out the doorway. He got into a trio of people who were discussing the terrible thing that had happened in math class. "He was my best friend!" said one girl. "Yeah, well, I thought it was illegal to murder people with guns! Miss Wormwood must be a mutant! Could you stand the smell?" "I know, it was disgusting! In fact, I think that the principal wasn't born on this planet!" At that moment, a fat-muscled grown-up walked up to the group. "Hey! You dummies! It's time for gym! Come on, get going before I bash all you puny little kid thingies on the head! Get going! Shoo!" They all hurried to the gym. Calvin split up from the kids and headed for gym by himself. When he walked into the big gym room, he thought that something was up. He glanced at the stage, where performances and plays were put on. Below the stage floor on the wall was a big indentation, not unlike a fireplace. He inquired to the gym teacher (rather sheepishly) what that was for. "Oh, you'll see in the assembly tonight. Come on! Five laps around the gym! No stopping! Get going!"

Calvin wondered whether the bus which had taken him to school had taken a wrong turn and the teachers' names were all coincidences. He knew that he wouldn't want to waste any time on the jogging. He had already taken two laps when one of the kids running beside him took a turn, leaned against the wall, and tied her shoe, which had come undone. Suddenly, the kid screamed. "AAAGHGH!" The girl clutched her head as if 20 hornets had all stung her on her face, and she vaporized. Calvin saw vapor fall to the floor. He glanced at the gym teacher. He was holding a phaser in his hand. The gym teacher aimed it. PKEW! One of the jogging boys slumped to the floor and vaporized. The gym teacher finished off two more children. For the rest of the day, Calvin decided that he would be very careful about his mornings waking up!


Calvin arrived home and got off the bus. He opened the door to his house. "Well, how was school?" asked his mother. "Oh, fine," Calvin said. He decided that his parents would never take today's story seriously. "Say, we have a school assembly tonight," said Calvin. He handed his mom the flyer the gym teacher had handed out after gym. "Well, I guess I'll be sure to be there. Now go outside and don't sit around watching TV." The rest of the day was uneventful.

That night, Calvin and his parents arrived at the school. Calvin hoped that it would suddenly return to normal. They walked into the gym. It hadn't. The square area was still beneath the stage. The principal walked up to the stage and tapped the microphone to quiet everyone down. "Everybody," he said, "today we celebrate the 100th year of this elementary school. I want to thank some volunteers." Calvin sat around while all the teachers were introducing themselves. He kept staring at the fireplace, and wondered if it would be lit up for celebration purposes. At that moment, big, tough men came in the door. Calvin glanced over to see what they were doing. He was very nervous. "Come on, you!" said one of the men. He started in the front row and picked up and dragged people to stand up in the square fireplace beneath the stage. One man kept the people in the box, while some others went through the rows grabbing unsuspecting people and dragging them over to the box. The man flicked a switch in front of the "fireplace", and it flamed up in fire. Calvin and the rest of the audience gasped at the sight of one family being consumed by flames! The switch was flipped off and the fire cooled down. All that could be seen were ashes. The ashes were swept away and the two big men grabbed and stuffed another poor family into the fireplace. The Hendelsons and the Spaids were all converted into ashes. As people crowded to get out of the gym, a terrible screeching sound came from the microphone speaker, and everyone was shushed as students' families were all constantly being killed.

Based on a dream I had last night... Write your opinions on how Calvin will escape.

cool girl's ending
Author: cool girl

Calvin saw that his family was next to die. He had to act fast. But he needed a plan first. "Hmmmmm, I think I have an idea," thought Calvin.

"Excuse me, before you kill my family, can I go home and say goodbye to some friends of mine?" asked Calvin.

"You will try to escape," replied Miss Wormwood. "But if you let me go with you, then it will be okay."

"Hmmmm, deal. Let's go."

So the two headed for Calvin's house. It was a dark night out. The wind was silently blowing through the trees. There was a full moon that seemed to be a blood red color and there were no stars in the sky.

"How many people do you have to say goodbye to?" asked Miss Wormwood.

"Just one, he's my best friend."

"I'm surprised you even have any friends."

Calvin held back a retort. He already knew his life was in danger. His best friend was his family's, and the remaining families', best hope.

"We're here," Calvin said quietly. He opened the door. "Hobbes, it's me, Calvin. Come here. I want to say goodbye. The teachers are going to kill my family and me."

"If they are going to kill you then I will go with you too. I don't want to be alone in this world," said Hobbes, coming towards Calvin.

"That's fine," said Miss Wormwood.

"ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!" Hobbes jumped on Miss Wormwood. A couple of minutes later, just a carcass remained.

"Let's go!" said Calvin. "There are others who deserve this treatment too."

The two hurried back to the school. Calvin jumped on-stage.

"Families! Are you going to let these aliens do this to you? Are you going to let them burn you? If you care for your family and others, then you will fight back!"

"He's right, we can't let them do this to us!" shouted the families. "Let's get them!"

The aliens and humans clashed together, and several hours later the aliens were gone. The humans used everything around them as a weapon and succeeded. Not many humans had died. But all the aliens had. The fight was over. Everyone could go home now.

Today, if you look in your school history books, you might be able to read about the fight that Calvin and Hobbes had led and won.