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Cool Calvin and Hobbes Fanfics

Here's some excellent fan fiction based on possibly the best comic strip ever, Calvin and Hobbes. These stories were originally posted in the C&HDA (Calvin and Hobbes Discussion Area) which was formerly located at the official Calvin and Hobbes web site (www.calvinandhobbes.com). Like the FoxTrot stories, these fanfics were preserved here to save them from the cutting axe of the mighty sysop.

  • How It Should Have Ended
    Author: Charles Don Hall

    From late 1996, this is the very first fanfic that is known to have been posted in the C&HDA. It's a bizarre alternate ending to Calvin and Hobbes, straight from the pages of Shakespeare's "Hamlet"...

  • As the Fire Dies: A Brief Story
    Author: BMan

    This short story from early 1998 captures the true spirit of Calvin and Hobbes.

  • The Susiode Wars
    Authors: Maetoshi, Eagle of Austria, Hugh Palmer

    Galactic Emperor Calvin battles Susie for control of the galaxy. New chapters are in the Fanfictions folder of the C&HDA.

  • A Weekend with Rosalyn

    Calvin's parents go away for the weekend, leaving Calvin with Rosalyn.

  • The Chronicles of Marmia 1
    Author: cool girl

    Calvin and Hobbes climb into a wardrobe and face Susie the White Witch in Marmia. Based on C.S. Lewis' book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", but with a few twists! New chapters are in the Fanfictions folder of the C&HDA.

  • A Calvin School Day
    Authors: Checkmate, cool girl

    A day at school goes terribly wrong for Calvin and his classmates. You are invited to write your own ending for this story! Endings should be only a chapter long, and posted in the usual place.

  • League of Justice Reunited
    Authors: gwr_gwir, darksorceress324, wacko2, crow t., Maetoshi

    A fanfic that grew out of a game. Calvin's alter egos must join forces in battle against three dastardly villains.

  • Calvin and Hobbes poems
    Authors: Heather Acord, Zeke 2.3, Christopher Sampang, Ryan Ferneau, cool girl, weird girl, wacko2, JESSE BARBOZA, The Calvin Expert, SaïlorJupïter, Admiral Hawkhunter, Stop Making Sense!, darksorceress324

    A collection of the best Calvin and Hobbes poems from 1997 to the present, by various authors.